The beginning

First posts are the hardest. Once you get started, you can hardly stop. Personally, I think the very first sentence is the hardest of all. I’ve always had trouble coming up with those first words.

When I was about thirteen years old, I decided to start writing stories. I wrote a lot of stories, not just on my computer but also in a diary. Until a few years ago, when I didn’t have time anymore. Now I only write whenever I really feel like writing, during my precious free time. And now I started this blog, I can write again!

Not that I have much time, but there’s a difference. Now I don’t write stories that are in my head, I just write about the things I love now. About my hobby’s that I stumbled across and fell passionately in love with. I would like to tell you my story, how I discovered the world of makeup.

I used to be a girl who never wore makeup. Ever. I was one of those persons who didn’t know anything about makeup, I didn’t even know what eyeliner was. Besides, makeup costed money while I wasn’t planning on spending money on something like makeup. Little did I know that there was a very different side of makeup then those bitchy girls at school that I didn’t like. Their faces were halfway orange and their eyes looked like spiders. No, that wasn’t what I wanted. Of course, I still don’t want that. At the time, I was thirteen years old and a freshman. I was also the kind of person who wanted to ‘save the world’, especially the animals. A lot of well known brands test their products on animals and I couldn’t live with that. I wanted to make this world a better place and started with myself. I realised that one day, I would go vegan (and I did, two years later). But, as time passed, I also met other girls who were wearing just a little makeup, but who weren’t terrible people. One of those friends introduced me to mascara, when she gave it to me as a birthday gift, and told me to at least try it.

I did try it, and started wearing a little mascara. Just a little, no harm done. After that I collected a few more small items like a pocket eyeshadow palette and I experimented with some old makeup that my aunts had given me years ago. Any girl would do that, right?

And then I was almost turning 18 years old, when I saw a video on youtube where a girl was using a black eyeshadow to create a look inspired by Taylor Momsen. At the time I had discovered that the actress from Gossip Girl was also a singer, and I liked her voice. So I saw the video and the girl who did this look had a palette in her hands with tons and tons of eyeschadows  in it, I wondered what it was and where I would be able to find something like that.

I found out it was the 120 palette from Coastal Scents, and after seeing that first makeup tutorial, I started watching other video’s. Other looks with bright colors and effects that I’d never heard of. I suddenly was eager to learn more, and to try it out myself. Especially after finding Klaire de Lys, who I believe is an amazing artist, she is my inspiration and also the reason why I continued to dig in the world of these pretty colors. I somehow found BHcosmetics, a brand that sells these same palettes, only they have different versions of it. It was mostly because of my curiosity that was caused by viewing Klaire’s videos that I decided to order the BHcosmetics 120 palette, 2nd edition. The good thing is that this company does not test their products on animals, they shipped internationally (I live in Europe) and they were cheap.

So I got my palette and fell in love.

After doing a few artsy things with eyeshadow, I expanded my interest to all kinds of makeup art. My collection of makeup supplies and everything else I could possibly need is still growing. By now I also like to use face paint for body paintings. I’ve done hand paintings like Guido Daniele. I paint my entire face sometimes, because it’s so much fun! I also love the transformations by Promise Phan, she’s amazing.

And I was wondering for a very long time now how people do these things called  prosthetics. A few weeks ago I finally discovered that liquid latex is a great way to achieve the kind of effect I was looking for. I bought my first bottle of latex last week! I’m still figuring out how it works, Youtube guru Petrilude is a great help.

I’m planning on doing my first look with latex somewhere this week 🙂

About the nailart, that is something a bit more recent. I’ve been doing makeup for two years now, while the nails for a few months. I used to bite my nails, which is a terrible habit. I think it’s disgusting and I really don’t like it, but I tried everything I could to stop and I just didn’t stop. I wanted pretty nails, that looked healthy and shiny and that would actually look nice when I put polish on them.

A few days before Easter, I saw some funny nailart of baby chickens coming out of an egg. I thought it was cute and I tried doing it myself. Because of this cute polish, I didn’t want to bite my nails, because that would ruin the nailart. And that appeared to be the key to stop biting. Make the nails pretty so I don’t want to hurt them anymore, and the nails will have a chance to grow. Plus, the nailart thing was a lot of fun to do, as well as makeup art.

Sometimes I still struggle with keeping my nails long and pretty. I’m not nearly there yet, but I’m working on it.

So that’s my story! I have to warn you that my collection of nailpolish isn’t that big, I do not use any expensive brands, and only brands that are cruelty free. I am not a professional artist, I probably never will be. As I mentioned in my first post, I just want to share my passion.

Don’t worry though, my posts won’t be this long again 😉

So what’s your story? How did you meet the world of makeup? 



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