Previously on Nailart: part 1

So I figured I would like to show you my ‘old’ nail mani’s that I did before I started this blog. I did some for my mother before, but that were simple flower mani’s that I never captured on a photograph. The very first nailart that I did on my own was this one:


I found this manicure on Youtube and I thought this was cute. The dotted nails represent Easter Eggs and the others are baby chickens coming out of an egg.

I did one layer of my Hema Basecoat, then I did three layers of yellow, this is Etos Effect Nails nr. 16.

The baby chickens’s egg shell is a French Manicure white by Nailoid Results, the eyes are a black Etos Effect Nails nr. 20 (This is a very old one, I can’t tell you if it’s still the same number)  and the nose is an orange Etos Effect Nails nr. 17.

The dotted eggs have red and blue dots,  the blue is Essence Colour & Go 55- Let’s get lost. The red is a very old polish called Prestige Nail Bijoux that I bought in Italy four years ago, I could barely make out the brand name and I can’t see any number on them..

So, for a first mani, what do you think? 


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