Inspired by my bedsheets

A few months ago I was staring at my bed and I thought it was a great inspiration for a manicure. My bedsheets are very colourfull, with all sorts of dots and patterns and flowers, so first I drew them out and a few weeks ago I painted all my nails with a different pattern on them.

Left hand

Left thumb

The patterns on the left hand are:

– Pinky: a flower (a rose actually) in a lace pattern

– Ring finger: white cubes

– Middle finger: big flowers with small flowers in between them, in a diamond pattern

– Index finger: dots and stripes

– Thumb: stripes

Right hand

Right thumb

The designs on the right hand are:

– Pinky: dots in rows with a flower

– Ring finger: dots with stripes again

– Middel finger: This one’s a bit different, it’s a flower with leaves, it has small flowers around itself and there’s a nice green swirling line all around it, on top is a heartshape in orange.

– Index finger: big dots

– Thumb: it’s a butterfly with all sorts of swirling orange patterns that were supposed to become flowers, and it has a zig-zag on the wings and on the body.

There were many polishes that I used for this one, here’s my list of base colours:

– Red Hema One Coat longlasting nailpolish nr. 202

– White Hema French Manicure White Coat (I used an old brush to apply it on my nails, since using the nailart brush isn’t going to work for a base colour)

– Orange Etos Effect Nails nr. 17

– Pink Essence Colour & Go ‘I want that!’ 

– Blue Essence Colour & Go ‘Let’s get lost’

– Dark blue Hema nailpolish nr. 23

And here’s the list of accessories (got the chance to test out all of my new stripers) :

– From MAX nail art polish (really really really cheap, bought them at a store called Action), the stripers in White, Blue, Dark blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange and Acid green

– Dark green Hema nailpolish nr. 22

– Black Hema nailpolish nr. 12

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of my bedsheets right now, because it’s in the laundry.. But I’m sure you get the idea 😉

The designs are quite simple, but I believe because they’re all different, it looks very interesting. I would love to do this manicure again, maybe not in the same way, but while using other base colours, or switch other colour schemes, anything is possible! I could also try to do just one pattern and paint all nails in a different colour scheme of that pattern.

I have something similar to this one planned somewhere next week or in two weeks, because I got a small present yesterday for achieving my propedeutics, and it was wrapped in a lovely paper, so cute! I immediately thought of doing a mani on them, so I hope you enjoy these kind of posts 🙂

What do you think of having different patterns on your nails? Do you like wearing neon colours? 


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