Polish experiment


Here’s a post about an experiment I did a while back. I don’t know exactly what it’s called, I thought it was something with a swirling technique. This, however, is not how you find it, because swirling is part of water marmbling.

The first time I saw this technique was on Sarah’s post during the 31 day challenge in september. She linked to a tutorial, which you can find here.

As you can see on Chalkboardnails, it could be called a sugar spun, in the video it’s called slim lines.

As you can see, I got really really small lines on my nails. When you don’t pay attention to your hands, you would think it’s some sort of soft white gradient.

I picked an old polish for this look, so that it would get thick and tacky in a shorter time. I messed up a little on the pinky finger and the ring finger, these nails have some bigger splashes on them. Though I do think this is a nice touch for this look.

What I like about this is that you can do, like, many different kinds of things with this technique. This was my first try on using tacky polish for thin lines, and I think it might come in handy sometime. You could also just do the abstract stripes and splashes, with any colour you want. You can do different base colours ofcourse, which could create a nice contrast.

The weird part about this look, is that it looks thin, but you can actually feel the lines on your nail when you touch it with another finger. I didn’t use a topcoat, because it was only an experiment, so maybe that’s why, but these stripes create a threedimensional pattern. The downside of this is that when you have some rough edges, and you happen to have your hand near, let’s say, a scarf. The pattern actually hooks itself into the fabric of your scarf, and you will damage the manicure. So I say, try a topcoat to seal the mani and make sure that you create a flat surface.

Even though I didn’t use a topcoat, I had this mani on for like, three days before it only started to come of on the edges. I find this surprising, because usually my mani’s don’t last longer than two days before they have minimal damage.

For this look I used my Etos basecoat and an old white polish that was part of the French manicure package.

Have you ever tried this technique? Or even heard of it? 


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