Halloween part 2

Yay, my first time working with latex!

This transformation is called Skeleton look – Born this way, Lady Gaga

Disclaimer: I am sorry about the terrible photo quality, it was getting dark outside and both normal cameras let me down because of battery problems, so I used my phone… -.-

Face front

I think the look turned out pretty great! I was very excited about the latex part, I think I’m one of few people who would use the prostethics here 🙂

I used regular modeling clay to create the horn- ish shapes that were supposed to look like bumbs sticking out of my head. I poured the liquid latex in these forms and let it dry completely.

The latex I use is Kryolan liquid latex, and it does not have a colour, so it just becomes like a skin colour when you use one layer. Two pieces I made had darkened up in the centre, but don’t worry, once you’ve glued them to your skin it looks different already, and you can always paint them with face paint or use a nontransparent foundation or powder.

After that I got the clay of of my new prostethic pieces and put them away, because I made these things about 3 weeks ago.

Then, I used liquid latex to glue the pieces where I wanted them. (warning, if you want to do this yourself, make sure you have a) no allergies for latex products and b) don’t use latex on your hair!)

I wanted two horns on my forehead, pretty close to the hairline. It’s quite tricky to make sure all of the hair is out of the way, even when I thought I had them all, while removing the pieces there were definitely hairs pulled out of their roots..

After sticking the pieces to my head and letting this dry, I put some more latex on the edges to smudge them a little, especially one on my cheekbone. You can see it on the picture, the smudging didn’t go too well.

Facing left side

Then I painted my face a shade of white, using my Bruynzeel colour express face paint. I didn’t put it on very thickly, I just wanted this to be a shade, so I looked pale.  I set the white paint with my regular compact powder to make sure it wasn’t just white, but still looking human – sort of. I also painted the latex pieces, pretending they were part of my skin.

Then with a black pencil I created the outlines for the black holes and the shadows. I filled them in with my favorite pencil, my Kryolan eyeliner, I set this with a black eyeshadow. I also used black eyeshadow on a blending brush to create shadows near the teeth, cheeks and other places I considered as  ‘in need of contouring’.

I found this explanation for the outlines, I found this very helpfull.

And that’s pretty much it, so if you’re planning on doing this yourself, all you need is a white shade, a black liner (you can use any liner you like, it doesn’t really matter whether you use a liquid liner, a pencil or a pen, or you could use black face paint for this as well). If you want, you can use liquid latex, but of course that’s up to you.

My opinion on this look: I am proud. I think the pieces look great, especially since I never practiced this and it’s the first time ever that I used prosthetics. The paint job was pretty cool too, it was only after creating back hollows when I thought it really looked like gaga. The painting wasn’t very difficult, the shading was a lot of fun to do and I just love putting eyeliner on other parts of my face then my eyes..


– M.


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