Update 15-12

Hi readers!!

When I woke up this morning I found a wonderful surprise!!! I told you about how I entered some contests this month hosted by Alexys from MadeUlook.. Last week during the Candy theme, I didn’t win. I had a branch from a Christmas tree on my face with pieces of chocolate hanging in it:


This week was the Snow and Ice theme….

Well guess what: I have won the prize for ‘Most Creative’!!


I am very happy that people actually liked what I did. Everyone is so supportive! You should definitely check out Lex’ page on facebook!

I will receive a small prize for this contest, the Urban Decay Primer Potion, I’m very curious about it, you can expect a review on it as soon as I get it.

Unfortunately I won’t be doing the next contest, which is the Toy theme. I wanted to write and update my blog today, plus I have things for school that need to be done by monday, plus my best friends and I still haven’t celebrated Sinterklaas, which we’ll be doing next Saturday so I need to make a surprise or poem for that, plus I will see ‘The Hobbit’ TONIGHT, and my plan is to go as an elf 😛 You will see the pictures of how that turned out later this weekend as well.

I haven’t been painting this week, however, my knitting projects is going great, I love knitting. I have to post about that too..

So, brace yourselves, posts are coming!


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