Nailart update

So here’s another one, yay 🙂

This is an update of different nailarts that I did during my silence in blogland.. I am really sorry for not updating any sooner, it’s just that I was really busy with school and when I wasn’t I was busy doing other things than blogging.. Now, I no longer have much homework because I have an internship right now, until summer, which means I have FREE TIME =)

No. 1: cats 🙂 pretty much explains itself.


No. 2: Autumn, done with acryllic paint

Disclaimer: all credit for the design goes to Amanda S. on makeupbee, if you want to see the original click here =)


No. 3: Ladybugs, the black is acryllic, the rest is polish


No. 4: My attempt at a valentine mani. It did not go well. I suppose this is because I don’t even like valentine’s day.


Used polish:

– Essence colour&go 117 i’m so very

– Essence colour&go 118 little miss sunshine

– Hema nailpolish no. 20

– Essence colour&go 55 let’s get lost

– Etos Long Lasting nailpolish in purple ( number 8? )

– Hema nailpolish no. 12

– Hema onecoat longlasting nailpolish no. 202

– Hema french manicure white 01

– MAX nail art polish in red

– unknown brand for the shiny light pink




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