Wedding party makeup


I promised you a while back that I would make a pictorial of that wedding makeup I did for my cousin. I still haven’t, I do have this picture for you that shows me trying it on myself..

I added the rhinestones for fun, my cousin ended up actually liking those too, but only on the outer corner. Also, she wanted it to be more fierce, darker but also more of the hot pink. At the wedding, I also made the glitter a bit more obvious because I used loose pigments. As you know, glitter pigments go EVERYWHERE (use a tissue!) and they look stunning… But this was only the shimmery shadow next to the white on a BH120 palette 2nd edition (the pink/yellow/orange side) used on top of white kayal liner, and just look at that shiny inner corner πŸ˜€

But, yeah, this was me playing with colours:






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