Quick update 11-08

First of all: welcome to my new followers!!! Thankyou very much for following my blog, you have no idea what that means to me. I love you all.

This week I had my pretty manicure on, so I didn’t really do my nails again..

I do have a new hobby. Yes, another one.. I learned how to sew!! I made my first costume for a theme party that I have coming up next month, finished it yesterday, it was great. I already got some new fabric to make another costume, haha 🙂

To complete the second costume I already made other props. I will continue working on that next week, I also want to show you what it all looks like, I just don’t have any pictures yet.

I do have pictures of the makeup that goes with the finished costume, but I fear my friends will check out my blog and then my element of surprise will be gone.

I also found tons of new free patterns of things that I will crochet, but I still have my sweater to finish. It’s taking months now, I’m getting tired of it.. But, lately I have made quite some process, so hopefully I’ll be done soon.

So, to sum things up: pictures coming up soon of all the things that I’m working on!




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