DIY: Elven cloak

*** Click here for the expansion to this post: the Complete Costume and Pattern!!!!***

As was shown in the preview, I was working on my cloak yesterday, and it’s finished!


Materials needed:

– Fabric. I suggest a length of 3 metres, so you have enough to create the desired length of the cape. Mine was 3 metres long and 1,40 metres wide, 70 cm when folded and from the roll.

– sewing machine, thread, anything you’d use when sewing, like, scissors, pins..

Tip: Make a muslin first with old newspapers. Just tape them together and that way you can figure out what size everything will be and how much fabric you really need.

The cape I made was inspired by this tutorial, only I made mine a lot longer. I wanted a cape that would reach my ankles at least.Β Also, I changed the neckline, but I’ll explain that later. Β The hood was from this article, but again I altered some things. For starters, I ignored the first part and only went for the hood design.

So, first I made the cape part. I roughly cut of the length that I wanted, which was about 1,70 metres ( I had to finish of the edges and I’m tall ). I finished of the edges at the sides first, after that I went for the neckline. Now, instead of just folding the edge like you would normally do, I folded it with a space of about 3 cm as you can see in this picture:


This way, I could make a cord and pull that through, this way you can manually pull your cape tighter or wider when it’s finished.

After this I checked the length of the cape and cut of some more fabric, as it was touching the floor. Then I finished the bottom edge as well.

On to the hood! I cut out the kite shapes as it is described in the article, but I decided to make two instead of four, because I thought the lining part was pointless. It’s not, I advise you to do the lining, but I just didn’t understand at the time. Plus I was out of fabric for more kites. For the measurements, I started of with a huge neckline, about 80 cm, divided in half that would be 40 for the triangle part. Then the 75 cm down and connect and fold that out as they say. I sewed the long sides together and then finished of the other edges.


Then, and now comes the part I found the hardest, I tried to pin the hood to the cape, and for this I decided I should make the cape a little tighter with the cord, and then sew the hood on as shown in the picture.


I made tiny folds then and again to make sure it fitted nicely.


After sewing that I was finished! πŸ˜€ Here’s the result:


Personally, I hardly see that the hood has no lining side, and when I wear the cloak it’ll be even less visible, especially with my hair covering it up..

Now on to sculpting the ears! And finishing my sweater, again! (I will, but I’m not making promises anymore)



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