Update: 12-09


First: Welcome to my new followers! Including my new facebook followers, ofcourse (:

Second: Happy Crochet Day!

Over the past two weeks I’ve been very busy with school. The first week I did something fun though, I was helping out during the introduction for first year students. There was a theme party and I will show you the whole look and the ‘how to’ this week/weekend, including the costume I told you about earlier in august.

I’m currently working on a new crochet project, which is a shirt you can wear over a top with straps. It took me a while to figure out the pattern, so surprise: I’m making a video tutorial! My first tutorial ever!


Once you understand the pattern it’s really easy and I think it goes quickly. Luckily this pattern has a lot of variation, so it won’t be boring any time soon. I’m already past halfway on the first section, and I started almost two weeks ago, working only an hour, maybe two, in the evenings.


So, once it’s done, I’ll have a nice video for you!




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