First of all, welcome to my new followers! 

Second, bad news.. I finished my crochet project today, which is great ofcourse! But now I tried it on right before I was supposed to actually sew the pieces together and I ended up not liking it at all! This is so disappointing…

And it’s probably my own fault, not listening to things on paper.. The project was meant for a 3 mm hook, so I used that. On yarn that was meant for a 5 mm hook. And now the shirt is not falling down properly. It’s way too stiff. The sleeve parts make me look like a bat. Plus it makes me look kind of much bigger sized than I am, which is always bad.


This sucks.

Now I think I have a solution, but it’s not funny. I’m going to make a 10×10 with a larger hook, at least a 6, to see if that’s draping instead of.. stiff. If that works, I’ll take the whole thing apart and start over. So, bummer…

Now, I did film everything, so I will probably edit all that and upload it anyway, and after finishing the (possibly) reloaded version I might reupload the tutorial as well with an extra scene to show the new version. I hope that makes sence 😛

Before I will take everything apart though, I’m going to work on a different project. That will be a gift for my mom, it’s going to be a circle scarf in the same yarn as my shirt project thing. Since winter will come up soon I want to have that finished for her before it gets cold. This shirt is not warm enough for winter, so it can wait (:

Positive side to this: I wasn’t really tired of the pattern yet, at all! I was almost sad I was already ‘finished’..

If you have any advice on how to handle this project in a different way, please tell me about it! &what are your experiences with projects like this?




3 thoughts on “Bummer…

  1. Hi Melissa!
    I wonder if you blocked the garment. By the way how it´s falling down, it seems to me you haven´t blocked it. I have only made scarves, until now, but there is a very big difference before and after blocking. Maybe that´s the only problem (and easy to resolve).
    I don´t understand what you mean when you write “on yarn that was meant for a 5mm hook” but if the pattern followed was for a lacy yarn and you have used a bigger one I think that can be another reason for its stiffness.
    Nevertheless, your “Belle sweater” is wonderful and suits you really well. Congrats!

    • Hi! Thankyou so much for your comment, it means a lot!
      I’m afraid I haven’t blocked it, because I used acryl, not wool. I’m not sure if that makes a difference, because I’m very inexperienced with blocking in general.. But I thought the garnment was not soft either, while I made a small piece now with a larger hook and that is very soft and nicely draping. I already took it apart, just minutes before I saw your comment.. In case I still don’t like it after redoing the whole thing I will definitely try this though, thankyou for the advice!
      Well, the yarn description had a small image that showed a hook and needles and it said 5 mm. So I suppose I should have used lacy yarn indeed, but I fell in love with this colour and the stubborn part of me said: it’ll be fine.. For now, I will make a new version with a 6 mm hook, that will make it soft and all.
      Thankyou so much, I’m really proud of it (:

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