Water marble

Welcome to my new followers!

I feel like I’ve been ignoring my nailart follwers, sorry for that! Here’s a mani that I did today, it’s a water marble with Union Jack colours! At least, that was the idea. My friend is moving to London for a year, so, that’s why. Though our own Dutch flag has the same colours.. I decided to marble them, because I already did a Union Jack nailart once and we ate a marble cake friday, so, that totally makes sence!


My marbles are always random. I don’t even drop the polish in the same order all the time..

I know that everyone will notice so I’m just going to say it here, I did a very rough clean-up, not with a small brush but with a cotton bud, in a non-gentle way, which explains why there’s some polish missing in some places, haha.


Polishes used:

Essence colour&go 115 Redvolution

Hema nailpolish in cobalt blue

Hema longlasting polish in white

Last week I did this swatch:


Found it at Hema, it had a large discount so I got it. I like this one, it’s a nice colour that I can wear to school as well. I don’t think it’s too flashing. Applying was not that wonderful though, it had a small brush.




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