Sugar Skull

Welcome to my new followers!

It’s Halloween season and that means I had to do a sugar skull again. This time not from a tutorial or whatever, but one inspired by my two favorite MUA’s on earth. I saw that MadeULook did a fantastic version that covered her entire face in rhinestones. I loved it, but I wanted to give it a twist.. Last year or something Klaire de Lys also did an awesome one with colourful flowers, which I wanted to recreate since I saw it. I decided to combine both of these looks and make my own version.


First, I drew the idea on paper:


Then I just went for it and drew the outlines with a white kayal pencil (Essence). I painted my face white with facepaint (Grimas), after that I did all of the black, I used my jumbo eyeliner and set it with black eyeshadow (Kryolan & BHcosmetics).

When that was done, I did the swirl design around the eyes with different eyeshadows (BHcosmetics). Then it was time to put on some rhinestones!

I started with the chin, using my large stones. Then I did the mouth, putting a heart shape in between the lines. After that I decided to not do the nose and did the eyes first. For the eyes, I was going to do all of the coloured lines with rhinestones, but when I was working I decided to do the ends only. This was because I had some trouble with my lash glue that I was using to glue the stones. Suppose I need a new lash glue, this one is getting old.. (Kryolan lash glue)

I found my rhinestones at a cheap store called ‘Action’ in the Netherlands, I think this was a temporary product. 


I also lined my eyes with a black eyeshadow and applied some mascara. I did not use false lashes because of the glue problem..

Then I did my hair, I just grabbed a small strand from the top section and wrapped it around my fingers, then I pinned it down. I made two ‘rolls’ and pretended these were flowers.

And that’s it!


I absolutely loved doing this, just messing around with pretty colours and stones (: The rhinestones around my eyes were very tiny, so that was kind of hard to do with my fingers, cause I didn’t have any cotton buds around.

Now I’m going to write another post for you, which will be a nailart experiment, and I will try to finish my crochet gift today.

If you like this look, feel free to share it! If you’re going to do a skull, I’d love to see it (:




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