Halloween party!

Welcome to my new followers!

For those of you who wondered where I was over the past 2 weeks, I’m sorry for not writing anything… School was stealing my time 😦 Now I have autumn break, which  means doing a lot of homework, as all of my deadines are next week. Last sunday T.S.A.R. was up for exactly one year, unfortunately I did not paint or anything to celebrate…

But, yesterday my friend had a party so I went for something spookey 😀


with flash


This look was done with regular makeup, mostly drugstore products. The eyeshadows come from my BHcosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition. For the how-to go here to see the video by the amazing Lex from MadeUlook. My hair comes from Kaley, known as Letsmakeitup1. Watch it here.

First, I wanted to do something that’s really disturbing. However, I had to drive to Groningen. If I had to, I don’t know, stop at a gasstation or whatever, people would probably freak out. Another option is to take a bus, but when dressed up as a bleeding zombie, I don’t know..

So I was going to do something really scary/halloween-ish this week, but since I have no life these days, we’ll see about that.





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