Circle scarf: Broomstick lace

After this short 2 weeks hiatus from blogging, I’m back! Whoo! Brace yourselves, because even though I didn’t write anything, I did do a lot of stuff, and it’s coming your way in 3… 2… 1…

So this is a scarf that I made as a gift for my mom. It’s the second scarf that I’ve ever made, and I love this one, but I haven’t really worn it yet to test it… But, yes, I love the colour and I really like this pattern, broomstick lace is fun!Β 


The pattern was from another blogger, you can find it here. I decided to make it wider, because mom and I like our scarves to be big and bulky. Instead of the 31 stitches I did 61.

The first photo was shot in the dark, so the other one really shows you what it looks like. Yes, this is the same yarn as the other project thingie that didn’t work out and I started over with, and I’ll tell you about that later cause that’s finished too πŸ˜€





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