Wall painting progress

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Here’s an update on something I’d like to call a long term project. It started about half a year ago, with the transformation of my room. People who’ve been around since the start have probably seen the change of the bright apple green to the dark green walls. I believe I did mention this once..  I absolutely love how my entire plan is working out!

The walls are now dark green and white. The green is on the wall with my door in it (also known as my photoshoot/filming area), and there’s another part on another wall, where my bed is standing. Above my bed is a section under an angle, which is white, and then there’s two more walls and they are white as well. Now, the diagonal part is where this post is about.

I’m making a painting on that wall. It’s large. Which means that it’ll take a lot of time. I started in may or something with drawing the outlines. I found this amazing piece by Thomas Kinkade, I love it and I’m making a painting that is a lot like his, only I changed a few things. Ofcourse, I’m not capable of painting things exactly like he did it. But this is going to be my own. It’s the Snow White painting he made, only I’m leaving the animals and Snow White out, I’m changing the castle and mine will become more of a long retangle.

That means the painting will be about the magical forest with the little cottage, and the water, and the flowers. I love this scenery, it’s like a fairytale that I can dream about, and, well, it’s above my bed, so that’s great (:

So, after drawing for a few weeks, I left the painting for what it was, I was scared to get started in paint. It’s hard to start and load up your brush. But you just have to do it! I’ve spent quite a few afternoons staring at the wall, thinking: where should I start? But really, you just have to do it. Just go for it. As this is actually the first time that I’m really painting like this, I had no idea. Sure, I painted on paper before, like school assignments in high school, and sure, I loved drawing on paper, sometimes I used paint as well. But to be honest, I have 1 canvas, and I drew on it, but that drawing isn’t even finished yet. And that’s the end of my painting history..

Somewhere in august or september I finally took my Gryffindor courage and started with the background. I thought it looked really really weird, but, I suppose it’ll turn out fine. I have to paint over it, so, sure it’s going to be fine.

Then two weeks ago I finally started again. With the cottage. Because that’s the fun part, and I just wanted to do the fun part. This is what I’ve been working on for two weekends now and it’s finished! (: So, the next step is the grass. I worked on that yesterday, you know, giving it a basic colour so I could fill in the details, but it was becoming to dark outside. That caused me to mix colours that turned out too bright.. I suppose I’ll just see what I can do next weekend.

I’m really proud of the cottage, I think it looks really good, even though it’s not at all like Kinkade’s. According to the visible white, there’s a lot of work to be done, but like I said, this is a long term project. I gave myself about a year, so that means I have untill may. It really is something I want to do at moments that I feel like painting, and I can’t do it without proper daylight.

I know this is a lot in total, and I also know that the cottage is only a tiny part of the whole painting, but this feels like a milestone, which is why I decided to share this now.






I really hope you like my work, please leave a comment if you have any advice!




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