Hats collection part 2

Welcome to my new followers! I am ever so grateful (:

A while ago I knitted another hat, and yes, this is still the same red yarn as the other projects.. I just love this colour, still have several skeins left!


This pattern comes from a website I discovered a while ago, it’s full of free patterns and some of them are lovely! Look at this one! Think I just found my next project..

I’m very proud of this work, I think the stockinette parts look really good here. Still, the cables are not nearly as big as the ones on the pattern example, I keep thinking that maybe I read something wrong. As for the shape of the hat, I prefer slouchy beanies, but for a tight one this one’s ok.


Feel free to share the link of the website, I think it’s quite marvelous.

Apart from the first hat, I also crocheted another beanie. This is a pattern that I found trough pinterest (gotta love that site), so all credit goes to this lady (: Thankyou for uploading!


I made this one with again, the red yarn, and some white that you’ll see in the next project down below.

So, I also linked you to ‘the next project’ somewhere at the first hat, and that one is finished as we speak. It took me a while to just sit and take photos of the above, and now the scarf is finished as well so I uploaded all of them at once (: Makes sence? No, but it’s ok.


Bad selfie, I know, but the pointed end was so long I had to use a mirror. I’m looking into getting a normal tripod..

Also, I have to thank someone else (though I don’t know who exactly) for pinning my elven cloak on pinterest! It gets me tons of views, especially when it was Halloween and now with ‘the Hobbit’ coming out two weeks ago, so THANKYOU!




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