Update 22-01-2014

Hey everyone,

So I still haven’t heard from that composer.. Checking my mail, youtube inbox, everything! Every! Hour!

Luckily though, the first school project is finished as we speak. I’m literally typing this at school while I just finished printing and folding the first set of drawings. Now I’m waiting for our last feedback session, so I expect a few last minute changes, but only minor ones really..
And then tomorrow the final draft will be done and I will have to finish my other project.

After that, painting time!
I’m really hoping for some non-cloudy weather so I can paint my wall. I read my post last week and saw that I gave myself until May. In December, May looked ages away, but now it’s almost Februari and I haven’t touched my brushes since… I don’t even know when.

So, once I have a life again I will also put some other royalty free music in my video, and work on the other video’s that are not even cut yet.

That’s it for now!





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