Review: Rimmel lipstick by Kate Moss

Welcome to my new followers!

This is a rare one people, I don’t really do reviews, haha. I think this is the second?

So, last week I finally got myself a good lipstick. At least, I think it’s good.

Lipstick in question: Lasting Finish Matte in 105


I’ve been looking for a nice lipstick for a while now, and because friends tell me Rimmel is your ‘go-to’ for lipsticks, I decided it had to be Rimmel. I read a review, looked up the collection on the Rimmel website and I fell in love with 110, and no. 12 from the Lasting Finish collection.
One tiny problem: I can’t find any drugstore in the Netherlands that sells the entire collection. They only have 6 colours of each! It’s ridiculous! So, no 110 or 12. (in case someone is reading this and knows where to find these lovely colours, please do tell!)

Then, I figured I should go with another colour, one that I could wear on a daily basis, so I can get used to wearing lipstick. So I wanted a neutral tone. I used the tester of 105 and some similar ones a few weeks ago and I liked it. So friday was the day I bought my first Rimmel lipstick. Wauw (:

Here’s a swatch:


And what it really looks like:


So, it’s completely natural! Exactly what I needed (:

Long lasting: yes, though it’s gone after eating something.
Colour: Soft pink, slightly shimmery and when wearing it, it’s matte. Very similar to my own lip colour, only it gives my natural colour some more depth.
Smell: I think it smells nice. I don’t know why, or what it smells like, but it’s not bad. It’s… sweet.
Texture: It feels like lipstick, something I’m not used to. It’s not glossy and sticky, nor heavy.
Price: I think it’s worth it, though it’s a lot of money for just one product. Usually, I’m more of a Hema person. I have one Hema lipstick (my only other one actually :P) but it wears off too soon if you ask me. What you pay is what you get (:

Conclusion: I like it!
Goal: wear it every day to actually get used to it.

Some other news: Starting this weekend, I’ll have a life again! I realized that Carnaval is coming up, and I have a few ideas for face/body painting, and I want to paint my wall! And, ofcourse, I have to edit my videos and put in some new music but you already know about that..
So, two exams, just a few more days!




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