Recreating: Four Horsemen: Death

Welcome to my new followers!

As you may have guessed, I have time on my hands! Whoo!
First, the video, and now I’ve done some doodling on my face.
Oh and lets not forget that I’m working on my wall painting again as well.

I’m so happy!


This look was done by Klaire de Lys, my biggest inspiration. I wanted to recreate this the moment I saw it, but I wanted to give it a small touch of my own by adding some colour. I added green eyeshadow and some of the rhinestones are green as well. This formed a nice contrast with the pink eye makeup and made my swirles more like leaves. Also, my version is not as black/dark as hers.
All in all, this took only an hour or two, which surprised me because Klaire said it took her many more. It’s was a lot of fun to be doing this sort of thing again (:



Products used:

– Eyeshadow from BHcosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition
– Etos eyebrow pencil 003 for the brown-ish lines
– Essence eyeliner pen in black
– Hema pencil in black (once my linerpens ran out, though it’s been sharpened a lot and I can’t read the exact name anymore, haha)
– Essence pencil in white (again, it has become a short pencil due to sharpening)
– BHcosmetics 66 lipcolour palette
– Hema metallic eyeshader in silver
– MAX false lashes
– Kryolan lash glue
– Rhinestones purchased at Action (cheap store in the Netherlands)

So that’s pretty regular makeup, no paints (:


As you can see in this nice closeup, my lashes were kind of a wrong choice, but I didn’t have any normal ones left. Need to get some more natural ones, these really were too extreme.


I just love what my hands look like after doing this..


Don’t forget to check out my Catching Fire video!




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