Sleek palettes!!!

Hi everyone!

I went to London last weekend (YAY) and stopped by at Superdrug to look for some Sleek products. We don’t have them in the Netherlands, but I absolutely love the I-Divine palettes. So, I got myself these two:



These are Storm and Ultra Matte V1.

I really like Storm for it’s neutral colours. There are some sparkling ones, some mattes, dark and light. I think the pigments are great, really, all of them, especially for this price. It’s wonderful for school/work, quick and easy to use, perfect for 5 minute makeup (:
What I don’t like is the sponge brush, but I never liked sponges. I use my own brushes.




The bright coloured palette made me so happy, because the colours looked very bright and it felt like spring when opening it. However, when testing the colours, I was slightly disappointed by a few. As you can see in the swatches, there’s quite a few that hardly show up. The lightest colours are hardly visible on my arm, though I have another picture where it shows my fingertips. There really is some product. The pinks were letting me down, I expected more of them. The blue of the second row and the orange look really good. The blue is, but the orange is not as good as it looks here, I had to rub it more to make it show up like this.  The yellow really surprised me though, it’s phenomenal, even though the photo doesn’t really show it.





These palettes are small and therefore more practical than a 120 palette, for example. This week I’ve used Storm almost every day. Our bond is getting strong, I’m telling you (:
Although I obviously still LOVE bright colours, I was just sitting on a cloud every day trying out new things with this one.

I hope you found this post useful. I found out that these photos were not my best shots, haha. I did Storm last, and you’ll be able to see those shots are obviously much better, since I figured I shouldn’t be doing this by the window.
If you would like to know more, feel free to ask.




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