Wall painting progress

Welcome to my new followers!!


The sun was shining the past two days, so that meant painting time! I have a week off now, which means I actually have some catching up to do and ofcourse, there’s an assignment (or three) waiting for me when the sun is gone..

Anyways, I did some more base colours, this time it’s the water, some rocks and the light that reflects from the house in the water.
Obviously this isn’t finished or near perfect yet, but this is only the base. I’ll go over it with tons of layers, just like I did with the roof of the house.



I think the water looks great, but the lights are terrible. Too dark, plus it kind of mixed with blue, making it slightly green… Not good. But as I said, we’ll go over it.

The wall is starting to come alive now, it’s not as white anymore, though I still have a lot of work to do!




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