Another wall painting!

Hi everyone!


Yesterday I started on another wall painting, that was finished today!
It’s a long story, but this is a wall at school. A teacher is going to use this room for a story about earthquakes during the Open Day.

Earthquakes are a hot topic in Groningen at the moment, it’s caused by gas that gets pumped from the deep soil layers.
The shocks are causing a lot of trouble for houses, there are cracks everywhere and people are becoming angry at the government.

So, on a friday afternoon, my teacher discovered my passion for painting on people and on walls, so he just came up with the idea to let me paint a scene for him on the wall. I would get paid for the job as well. I could get help from a friend in order to finish in time, everything would work out fine. Ofcourse I didn’t say no!


The wall was white, with a dark gray area in the middle. It’s about 7 metres long. The classroom had been used for storage, it was quite a boring place really.. And then we came in and left it in full colour, haha 😀

We painted the gray area white, then we used tape on the entire wall to create a brick pattern, and we went over that with a red paint. Remove the tape and there’s a wall! Then I drew the cartoon, we filled it in with acryllic paints and my friend created the cracks. The finishing touch was to draw the black outlines for the window and the hysterical woman.


So far most of the reactions were positive, our teacher loved it, most people think its funny. I think it’s wonderful to see how the room got turned upside down, it’s colourful and that’s something I consider positive.
So, yeah, this was my second real art job!




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