Sewing project: School bag

Hello and welcome to my new followers!

The project I will show you today was done last week. It’s not very large, though it did take some time.. This is more of a post to let you know I’m still alive.

This is the inside of my schoolbag, as it was last week:


I think it got bad enough, even though it’s been like this for a very long time.. I’ve been ‘losing’ my phone, keys, things like that, really annoying actually!
But, yes, I didn’t want to throw the bag away, because I love the outside design so much. I thought, I can do this, let’s make a new lining (:



Overly shiny photo, I know..

And so now the bag is fixed!


Other fun stuff I did: not much actually. School is taking up a lot of time, during weeknights and weekends, meaning no time for crafting/art/anything. But the good part is that I actually like my homework now (:

Whenever I do have a spare hour or so, I work on a knitting project that you haven’t heard of yet (but you probably will very soon :P), and I’ve been reading. Currently, I’m reading ‘The age of miracles’ by Karen Thompson Walker. I like it, it’s a good story, though it’s not an average book..

Obviously I’m dying to do some serious painting again, whether it’s my wall or a makeupart/ bodypainting, so when I will you’ll be the first to know!



P.S. I actually did two bodypaintings a while ago, something for carnaval, but I wasn’t satisfied with them.. I’m still not sure if I want to upload those..



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