Painting progress April

Hello again and welcome to all new followers!

I’m sorry for not being present for two weeks or something, but obviously I have definitely been working on something!!

Today I want to show you the wall, it’s a bit more coloured now 🙂


This is just a main background colour which will be covered by 2345686486416464 layers, but, yes, it’s a bit more full now.
Also, the castle in the clearing has been drawn! Who can recognise it?


I actually made a model for the castle, because usually it’s shown from the other side. However, the forest is magically not the same as the one originally placed forest next to said castle. This is kind of something in my head..

If this were all I did over the past few weeks, you are allowed to get mad. I didn’t really have anything going on for school, so, I am working on something big!
I’m telling you, it’s huge. Or, well, it’s very time consuming 🙂
I think I’ve said it several times, but my elven cloak post is still my ‘most viewed’ post, and I’m extending it!

Can’t really say much more than that, but it’s going to be a long and detailed post.
I hope I’ll finish this week, because after this week it’s back to school, fulltime. I also wanted to do some more paintwork, including some on my face, and I started a new crochet thingie as well..





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