Painting progress July

Hello and welcome to the new followers!

Here’s my latest update on the wall painting 🙂 It will be the last post for a while, because I’m going to travel.


This is a close-up on the castle, I added some detail with a pencil, I think using paint would’ve been too harsh. It’s in the background anyways, so now I consider this part as finished.


The overview! Changes are the river, the stones on the path, I think the path itself as well, though I don’t remember if I updated that in June.. The river really is the biggest change now, it has more dept and shadow, not so blue anymore. I really like it. Apart from the waterfall and mini-waterfall thingie in the front, I consider the river finished as well.

I also tried to make flowers, but I think this was not very succesful. I don’t like them at all. Though I should probably tell myself that it’s going to be fine when I add more layers, with leaves and bushes and light spots and everything…

I hope everyone has a lovely summer ahead of them, have fun and enjoy it! See you in August 😉



PS: That giveaway that I mentioned earlier, is probably going to take place in August. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Painting progress July

  1. Oh my goodness! This is soo soo cute! :3
    How inspiring ^.^ I have all this paint stuff at my place but not sure what to paint, i think i’ll do something cutesie like this! Great job ^.^ This would make a really nice card or postcard!


    Miz Lulu

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