Painting progress August

Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry for not posting anything over the last few weeks! I figured I had some explaining to do..

As you may or may not have read in a previous post, we had some family circumstances at home that caused us to abord our vacation. Shortly after, we had another round of family circumstances, and all things together really got me down.. 😦

Due to not feeling like doing much along the likes of sounding positive and happy on the internet while feeling like sh*t on the inside, I just ignored my blog for a few weeks. I actually didn’t do much when it comes to creativity either, apart from learning to play guitar. Not that that’s nothing, it’s just not blog-related.

I also started a new internship last week, Β life is pretty hectic and crazy right now.
This weekend I really want to get back to painting though, and then there’s this list on my desk that has all kinds of things I want to do for my blog..

There are plans, serious new work coming up soon, I just haven’t had the time or mood.

Also please remember that you can still enter my give-away! It closes monday night! It’s worldwide!

Oh, I just realized, you guys haven’t seen this yet:


The trees are coming to life! Sorry for the photo quality, I took it at night with a flash, but on my computer it looks horribly yellow, while in editing programs it looks normal..




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