Kicking off ‘The WILD’ series!

Today is a special day, There’s something about rainbows presents to you:

The WILD series

The first video of this series is my Zebra transformation, check it out now:

This transformation was done as a preparation for the anual firstyear introduction week (some of you might remember last years Pocahontas), which is something I have volunteered for every year since I went to grad school. The theme of the camp was Expedition Robinson, and I went for something a bit more dramatic then the Tarzan&Jane that would probably be done by everyone. I thought of the jungle and then the wild animals came to the table. I found this dress first, so my transformation became the Zebra. That means that if I’d found a dress with a leopard print first, I would’ve been a leopard.
I had decided by then, that I would love to do other animals as well, plus there are some looks that I’d love to do again, like the hand arts! And so it begins, my WILD series 🙂





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