Painting progress – first half of september

As the month is not nearly over yet, I figured it shouldn’t be a september update, because I hope I’ll get some more work done next week!

What I did last weekend was this:


The leaves have gotten their branches! I think it looks neat, really falling into place. One thing that really starts to bother me is the waterfall, I just have NO idea how to do that.. I guess I’m insecure about it, I feel like it’s the first stroke of paint all over again. I just need to take that step and get over it, you know? But I’ve been postphoning it for so long, really, it’s horrible. I kind of lost track of what should be up next in the painting, before getting to the waterfall adventure. I suppose it’s the tree trunks 🙂

Other things that I did were: finding new knitting&crocheting patterns, doing mom’s nails, working on the embroidery for my costume that is still not finished, play guitar, oh! I discovered this AH-mazing show a while ago, or actually, my friend did (Thank you Loes!) and we watched it together and I love it. It’s called Outlander, if you like historical fiction, go for it my friend! Thank us later 😉
And I can’t wait for the new Downton Abbey season to start today, so I can watch that episode tomorrow, as I just found out I can not watch the ITV player on their website. The bastards didn’t buy it when I gave them a random postcode that turned out to be Buckingham Palace, so it was ‘unavailable in my location’. Any other fans of other shows perhaps, who too live outside the UK or the US, facing this problem like, every week during the new season? Let’s go get those pirate hats…

And that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed your weekend, or for the American continents, keep doing that while it lasts 😉 I really want to continue my WILD series soon, so stay tuned for that.




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