Painting progress September

It’s still september! So I can still post this today 🙂 Unless your location is east of Abu Dhabi..


So, this tree is finished! Or, well, I think I will add a little more light on the sides, because it’s really dark now and I had to get used to that for like, three days. By now I’m ok with it, but really, sunday I thought I’d f*ed up with the dark colours. I even used black to create those little cracks that tree trunks tend to have, whereas previously I have tried to avoid using black black.

So, that’s one tree. And the little stumps in front of it, though I think they need some fine editing.

Getting there!

Also, I was messing around with my camara this weekend, because I still have no idea what I’m actually doing and I just take shots and post the pretty ones. One of my co-workers at my internship company explained some camara wisdom and I took this shot of the clouds during sunset friday night:


I think it’s brilliant, this is what the sky actually looked like, no photoshop, this is me and my camera skills. You might think: “come on Lizzy, it’s no rocket science”. I know, it’s just messing around with settings. Still, I’m proud, because a standard mode will not get you this result 🙂




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