Baking :D

For the final days of my internship, its pretty normal here that you bake something. I couldn’t really choose, so I made this tasing experience of three pies! It was brilliant, they were good and my testing subjects really seemed to like them, some even took pieces home for their families…
My apology for the terrible photo’s, I know.. These were taken with my parents’ tablet, it was dark out, and, well, there is no excuse.

Pie number one is a crumble with forest fruits. It was based on yoghurt.


Pie number two is a chocolat cake.


The last one is a carrot cake with pecan nuts, never had it before and I loved it!Β image

The recepes are dutch, I could translate them for all the international readers if needed, just let me know πŸ˜‰

Other news: Winter hit us in the face this morning. My cat wasn’t too happy with that, but I took one picture that is worth sharing, I think the contrast of Louie and snow is beautiful πŸ™‚ Also, the motion looks actually looks good here!

Yesterday the girlfriend of my cousin asked me as her and her friend’s makeup artist for Carnaval. Which is brilliant! So much fun, looking forward to it.

This morning I got an interesting message from this filmmaker guy, who wants to use my material from the Spaghetti bridge film for something I consider BIG. That is, like, still flabbergasting my mind and I can’t believe it’s real. Maybe it’s not, maybe Google lied to me when I did a background check.. But, yes, that is happening.

And there’s the fact that I’m almost done with my internship! Monday is my final day, after that I will take a few days off before taking up the last challenge of my bachelor: the thesis!

Stay tuned and I will update on the wall painting and other crafts, soon! *spoiler: the waterfall*


And Louie!


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