Mega baking festival!

Happy 22nd Birthday to me!
Bet you can guess what that means: More cake to bake! Wow, that rhimes..

First, though, when I opened my mailbox this morning and saw that another blog had referred to mine, I was happy to see that the amount of visitors to this blog had exploded! So, thankyou all for taking such interest in my blog and my Elven creations!

Today it’s Tuesday, and I didn’t have enough time to bake yesterday because of my close friend who was born exactly one day before me, we went to her birhtday and I had zero time between coming home, diner and leaving again. That means, Sunday was baking-day! 😀


Six pies were made, and here are the results!

For the internship company & principal of our thesis, I made another three pies, just like last time when it was my last day as an intern.

1. Snicker pie! This one is AMAZING, though it hits the stomach like a rock.. Phew!



2. Stroopwafel cake! Stroopwafels are a Dutch phenomenon. If you’re unfamiliar with them but would love to try it, you know, I’ll include it in my next give-away! That’s a brilliant idea, haha!



3. Banoffee! Mom wanted to try this recipe she received from a collegue, so we made one for the company and one for family at home. One is without chocolate though, my family members are not so big on chocolate cakes and my brother doesn’t eat it at all, so, no chocolate there 🙂

IMG_3345 IMG_3347


4. Neutral cheesecake with peaches. This is a simple one, can’t really go wrong here.


5. Strawberry/whipped cream/Fantaküchen. Family recipe, excellent for summer, with fresh fruit!


Recipes will be added tomorrow! I’ve got visitors coming in as we speak, so, see you later!




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