Painting progress May

My partner and I handed in our thesis today!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


So, that’s one big step on the path to graduation. Now we have to start preparing our presentation, which is in a few weeks. It’s not something that will take another 4 months, so we’ll be fine, and I’m so glad that this is out of the way already, before the actual deadline…

After next week, there is some other big news. As I wrote to you before, I found a job and was looking for my own place in the city. Well, I found one!! First of June I will receive the keys to my apartment!!
That means I will have to check out the walls, see if they need a fresh layer of paint, and then it’s time for some serious shopping. I don’t have any furniture. Well, there’s the famous white little drawer which I use in almost any photo that has products in it… And there’s another one of those in my parents’ garage right now which I got out of Grandpa’s house, we’re pimping it as we speak, so then I’ll have two of those cute little drawers. But no bed. Unless I bring my single bed from home, but this matress is in dire need of replacement, so I just really want a new one, non-single. And no couch, or any other drawers, or whatever. I own the scale in the kitchen, and one cookie jar (Thanks Iris!) and that’s pretty much it.
I’m going to become an adult. That’s so weird.

But, yes, moving out, finally, and then we have our final presentation and I expect things to run smoothly, and then I will start with my job, and after that I’m going to have a long and wonderful summer ❀

But what about my painting?
Well, it’s not finished yet, if that’s what you thought… I did work on it, look, they’re supposed to become flowers:


Note: these are mainly flowers that I just made up, don’t know much about plants so I have no idea how real they are, but in my head, this is a fantasy world with Hogwarts right there in the background, so, go figure πŸ™‚ According to my mom, these pretty ones are lillies..
Obviously now all they flowers need, like, stems and leaves and stuff..

I think I’ll just go with the flow from now on, paint whenever I can and want to, and if it’s not finished by the time I move out, well, it’s not like I’m never coming back, I’ll just finish it during weekend visits πŸ™‚
I have this deal with my parents that they’re not allowed to paint it all white again. So, I either leave them with an unfinished painting or I’ll finish it at some point, just, not with any haste right now.. And maybe I do somehow work my ass of next week and finish it, who knows?
The point is, this painting is not about the finished product. It’s about the journey to the end. It’s about this, right here, me writing about it to you, sharing my process and enjoying what I do.

Ok, I’m going back to the garage now, to sand down the drawer, and then it will get a nice paint job. Oh, and I wanted to bake cookies or cupcakes or something for Tuesday, because I want to celebrate the fact that we handed in our thesis with my fellow students and with the company. Any suggestions??? They all love chocolate!




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