My new house!

It’s been a month since my last post, and as most of you will know by now, I was moving out of my parents house, about to graduate and start a job and a new life in Groningen 😀


First up, there was the thesis. Once that big whale was out of the way, my parents helped me for a few days to move. First we had to paint all the ceilings and walls, because there were scratches everywhere, you know, from furniture.
My mother helped me clean everything, and then we got all the furniture. The furniture had to be put together, I just love these IKEA instruction manuals, it’s like Lego!
All in all, it took us quite some time before the basics were done…

Then I had to pack all my personal belongings and we took those to the city, and well, it’s been two weeks now since I have actually moved.
So far, everything´s good! The handyman installed a doorbell and a fire alarm for me, and he did some other small fixes I couldn´t do, and everything looks nice and clean and it´s allmost finished, but I´ll get to that later.

Two weeks ago, my partner and I had our presentation to defend our thesis, which went quite well and we passed! So I graduated! Whoohooo! 😀

Last week I started with my job, which is great! Time flies by, really. I am in a good place. It’s really nice that I already did my internship there, and then the company was our principal of the thesis project, and now I get to stay 🙂

So: my house! I made some pictures, not every single personal detail is to be displayed here, but I want to introduce you to my creative outlet 🙂


This is in my kitchen, I used some chalkboard paint to create a small chalkboard on the wall. It’s not finished, I want to draw a frame around it, but this is what I painted half an hour ago 🙂


That is a familiar drawer, right? Right! It’s the makeup drawer! This is the new filming spot!
As soon as I entered the room for the first time, I knew that this wall would be absolutely perfect as a background for filming tutorials, doing shoots, and well, everything! The light hits the wall perfectly, because the doors on the other side (see first picture, above) are on the south. So, this wall will remain white and neutral.


My plants on the balcony 🙂 I have fresh basil, mint and lettuce. This will definitely expand into a small garden!

So this is a tiny impression on my house, I hope you like it. I will update on the frame once I’ve drawn it.
You guys, seriously, I haven’t had time to get bored here. There is so much life in a city. I’m joining the ukelele club again tomorrow for their jam session, I had as many parties over the last few weeks as I had all year, plus I got the job of 40 hours a week. The best and worst thing so far is making dinner.
I love cooking, really, but I had to learn how to cook for one person. And to do groceries. And just, all the time that goes into that.. I know I do this myself, because I don’t cook easy things, or quick things. Last week, I told my collegue I was making asparagus, and he told me: “That’s way to much effort”.  I could start a seperate blog on daily cooking adventures. I made lasagna last week without an oven!




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