Last Friday night…

We had a theme party!!! I love my friends!
I saw my cousin on Saturday and she was like: are all of your friends’ parties like this? And I’m just like: with my friends, they are 😀 But even if it’s not, I will find an occasion to dress up.

The theme: Game of Thrones.

My take on that: the Mother of Dragons! 🙂

IMG_6097 IMG_6099

It was quite simple compared to the things I do sometimes.. I braided my hair, curled it a bit, and didn’t even change my makeup. I had this dark blue dress that I got in Italy over the summer, it’s a lovely maxi dress with golden details and a round neck, so that went perfectly with what I was going for. I wore my cape, I am so, so glad I have that cape! And the final touch is to get some 2 euro dragons at a random cheap shop, and tie them to the dress.

It was a very good party and we had a lot of fun, with another Daenerys, a Stark girl and a Direwolf, the other people didn’t really dress up.

Unfortunately, the next morning I heard about the terrible things that have happened in Paris on Friday night. Thanks to the media I only heard about Beirut on Sunday. I’m sure you are familiar with this media issue by now, and I agree with the critism.
I’m heartbroken. Not just for Paris, but also for Beirut, and for Baghdad, and for Kenya, and for all the other places bad things happened because some humans decided to take their hate to the level of taking the lives of others. I’m so sorry that this is the world we live in. It is not fair. It saddens me very much and my thoughts are with all of the victims, with the survivors, with all of you. I hope that all of my international readers, including the French, the Libanese and all others, are allright, as I hope your families and friends will be. I wish for peace for every single one of you.

Sending all my love,



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