Halloween giveaway!!!! Status: CLOSED

It’s time!!! I’m having a giveaway again!

I recently gained a 100 followers on WordPress, which is the host of this blog. The amazing part about having WordPress followers is that I do not know them in real life, except for one (hi Renas!).

So, for that I am super grateful and I think it’s very special that there are people who found my work on their own and decided to follow it, not as an act of kindness of friendship but simply for the things I share with you. Thankyou!

Besides that I know that I haven’t been able to post the real hardcore makeup things or any real projects lately. Ever since I started with the thesis and then with the moving out and new job stuff, I have avoided WordPress like the plague, because it would remind me of my guilt and how much I wanted to do all these things I love, but simply didn’t have time for. I did check up on my stats and what really surprised me is that some of you kept reading, kept visiting. Then I post one little update and BAM, new followers! So thankyou for still being here with me!


It is time to do something in return again. This time I’d like to give away a palette from Sleek. This is the iDivine Oh So Special palette. I know, this has little to do with Halloween, except for the time of the year. I got it a while ago because I knew this would happen, I just didn’t know when. No swatches, because hygiene! 🙂 It’s a very neutral palette, you can use it for all kinds of makeup, so I hope you like it. The Sleek iDivine palettes are definitely my favorite for daily use, and they have been for quite some time.


For this giveaway I’d like you to comment on this blog post how you found my blog and perhaps what you liked about it and made you follow it.
I’m also a little curious, what are you doing for Halloween this year? 🙂

For the non WordPress followers, don’t worry, you can leave a message without an account and your emailadress can be hidden except for me.

Giveaway opens: NOW

Giveaway ends: 2nd of November 2015 at noon, so 12.00 p.m. UCT+1

The winner will be chosen randomly using Randompicker, not based on answers. The winner, and only the winner, will receive an email. It will not be announced publicly. If the winner does not respond to the email within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Yes, it is international!! I hate it when other giveaways are US only, and I’m in Europe.

Go on and share the news!



Trying heatless curls : My results

Yesterday, my friend send me this link of Kayley Melissa.

I thought: That is really cool, let’s see what it does!
My hair is quite a bit longer than Kayley’s hair is nowadays, so I was curious whether it would work on me as well.

Since I started growing my layers out and going all Rapunzel, I haven’t touched my heating methods for curls. You might remember that time with the papillotes, for Capitol Citizen, well, that was the last time I curled my hair…
I really take care of my hair, try to minimize the damage with all those things you can find online, which made my hair strong, thick and long. The only thing I don’t do is use certain advertised products, I don’t believe in that.
Fun fact: I measured my hair last week, it was 85 cm from the crown of my head.

Anyways, this is what happened:


First, you get to look like some evil queen from Disney, which felt awesome!
It was hard for me to wrap all of my hair. After the first round of wrapping, I move to the side, just like you would with a curling iron, and then for the next section of hair, I went over the previous wrapped hair, otherwise it wouldn’t fit on the halo.
The wrapping itself is super easy though!


I remember from previous curling methods, that when you wrap your hair in the same place and not move aside, the hair closest to the centre (of the iron, papillote, maybe the t-shirt?) would curl best and on the outside, it would just come out straight. That was something I was most curious about when trying this method.


So, it came out like I thought it would, pretty curls at the bottom, the upper parts where straight.

Also, after half an hour when I got to my friend, the curls were dying already. Usually I need to use tons of hairspray to set the curls and keep them alive for a while. The hair is just.. too heavy 😛

Did you try this method before? What did you think?



IMATS London 2014

IMATS was last weekend and it was amazing! I loved it!

For all the photos taken there I’d like to direct you to the Facebook page of this blog.


When I arrived there, I was lucky to be early! I got at Olympia around 8.00, and while the line was only 30 metres or so. The staff decided to scan our tickets already so we could go right inside once the doors were open.

I started with shopping, first stop: Sugarpill! Though it would have been a better choice to start with NYXcosmetics, because after a few hours the queue was really really long and I waited for about an hour…

I also got to meet my favorite artist in the world, Klaire de Lys. As most of you will know, she is the person that caused my love and passion for makeup art. If it weren’t for her videos, I’d never found out about the world of possibilities and artistic ways of makeup.

I learned that there are (obviously) more ways to do special effects, one that I didn’t know anything about is silicone. I was triggered by several companies that displayed their work, it was very interesting and definitely worth researching in the near future.

All in all this was a fantastic weekend and I got to do and buy all the things I planned, so this was a succes. I wouldn’t say I can’t wait to go again next year, because this is something I have to save a LOT of money for. I actually saved for over a year, trust me, it’s hard! Plus, I think I’m very satisfied for a while. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a few months and decide to go again, who knows!

Now, let’s go to the important chapter: my HAUL!


Item number 1: the Sugarpill pro palette!
This was on the top of the wish list, actually! I love it, can’t wait to try out all the colours.


Obviously I also got Bulletproof, as it’s not included in the palette.



I have some putty from Kryolan, but I wanted to give this a try, since I’ve never had any Ben Nye products.


These two soft brushes are from Royal&Langnickel, from their S.I.L.K. collection, as you can see these are the Pointed dome powder brush and the Contour shadow brush.


Some lovely Eldora lashes 🙂


Since Lex has been shouting at everyone that will listen that Mehron is amazing, I wanted to get the Paradise paints, so I did. I got Black, White and the 8 colour Tropical palette. It was a though choice! I wanted to get the pastels at the end of the day if my money allowed me, but it didn’t.


A new makeup bag! My little red pouch is too small, I think of it as my ‘basics’ bag, but truth be told: they’re not just basics anymore.. 


A brow set, from FAB brows. This was not on the list, at all. It just happened xD


I found Limecrime as well! Whoohoo!


And then there was NYX cosmetics.. There’s a dark red lipstick, a bright orange lipliner and the Jumbo pencils in Milk and Sparkle Leopard.


These OCC liptars are called Grandma and Kava kava.

I also got a wigcap, which is in the front of the ‘total’ photo.

And for those that actually read the entire novel I write, there’s another item that is not visible in the photographs, this is a surprise for YOU!
Believe it or not, I almost have a 100 followers total on this blog, and 3/4 of them are complete strangers to me. When we hit 100, and that might be soon, I want to thank you by giving out a present 🙂

One thing I didn’t get: the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I was hoping it would be somewhere, just like I found Limecrime, but it wasn’t. And I was too lazy on Sunday morning to go to the large/expensive warehouses on Oxford street, while I also had to pack and be gone before 11.00 and fly home 😉

Did you go to IMATS? Or did something else that was fun during the weekend?