Painting progress: for now the final chapter

Readers that know me personally know I moved out of my parents house and to the city of Groningen three years ago. Ever since, the amount of updates on the big wall painting have declined. 

On occasions when I visit my parents I do sometimes paint more. But the truth is that I wasn’t close to completion. And for now, I can’t continue to paint anymore. 

My brother wanted to move from his smaller room to what was formerly my room. Which is very understandable, especially after I had moved out. Problem; he didn’t like the painting as wall decoration for himself, and wanted it gone. Which is reasonable! But the idea of painting the wall white again was something I really didn’t like, and luckily my mother wanted to preserve the art πŸ™‚

As a solution my parents built a ceiling system on the wall, since it’s angled and that way just becomes part of the roof and ceiling. This way, if my brother moves out in the future, my mother could reinstate the painting. But we won’t see it again for a loooong time. 

Seeing the result yesterday broke my heart, as it’s a personal project that took years and means a lot to me. But I also understand my brother, who is in his right to decorate his room as he wants.

So, these are the last pictures of the painting: 



Driving home for Christmas


It was a bright and early morning when I left the city. This picture is taken on the road from the station to the highway and I loved it.

I go back to my parents’ pretty often, though for the holidays I brought my camera. That way I’m now able to present the latest version of my wall painting πŸ™‚
To be honest I don’t even recall what I did most recently, I suppose it’s the darker green colours in the front.


Most importantly, what I want to show you today is this:


Remember when my laptop died? Did you read my complaints about my computer not being able to handle photoshop and other programs that require a beast type system because it’s too old?

Well, I saved for a new system and decided to assemble it myself, since it’s cheaper and a lot of fun! I built my own computer!
The picture shows my happiness after the first round of testing if I installed things correctly. I did, since the message on the screen was exactly what I wanted to see. That was earlier today πŸ™‚
Tomorrow I’m expecting the last part to arrive, which is my optical drive, that wasn’t neccesary for the first part of assembling, I can just pop that in tomorrow and it’ll be fine. Unfortunately, tomorrow I’ll be gone for a shopping trip (that’s just too bad πŸ˜‰ ) so I’m going to install my Windows on Tuesday, along with all the other basic things.
For those of you that are interested, I can make a seperate post dedicated to the new computer system. If you’d like to see that, let me know in the comments.

All of this is very good news, because with this new baby, I will be back to video editing within a few days! Hooray!

Oh, and ofcourse, we celebrated Christmas for three days with the family here.
I hope you all had a great time, even though it’s such a forced social event.

OH!! Did you all see the new Star Wars movie yet? GO SEE IT!
I went as Leia! πŸ™‚


I can totally film and produce a hair tutorial for this thing in a week or so! πŸ˜€



Painting progress May

My partner and I handed in our thesis today!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


So, that’s one big step on the path to graduation. Now we have to start preparing our presentation, which is in a few weeks. It’s not something that will take another 4 months, so we’ll be fine, and I’m so glad that this is out of the way already, before the actual deadline…

After next week, there is some other big news. As I wrote to you before, I found a job and was looking for my own place in the city. Well, I found one!! First of June I will receive the keys to my apartment!!
That means I will have to check out the walls, see if they need a fresh layer of paint, and then it’s time for some serious shopping. I don’t have any furniture. Well, there’s the famous white little drawer which I use in almost any photo that has products in it… And there’s another one of those in my parents’ garage right now which I got out of Grandpa’s house, we’re pimping it as we speak, so then I’ll have two of those cute little drawers. But no bed. Unless I bring my single bed from home, but this matress is in dire need of replacement, so I just really want a new one, non-single. And no couch, or any other drawers, or whatever. I own the scale in the kitchen, and one cookie jar (Thanks Iris!) and that’s pretty much it.
I’m going to become an adult. That’s so weird.

But, yes, moving out, finally, and then we have our final presentation and I expect things to run smoothly, and then I will start with my job, and after that I’m going to have a long and wonderful summer ❀

But what about my painting?
Well, it’s not finished yet, if that’s what you thought… I did work on it, look, they’re supposed to become flowers:


Note: these are mainly flowers that I just made up, don’t know much about plants so I have no idea how real they are, but in my head, this is a fantasy world with Hogwarts right there in the background, so, go figure πŸ™‚ According to my mom, these pretty ones are lillies..
Obviously now all they flowers need, like, stems and leaves and stuff..

I think I’ll just go with the flow from now on, paint whenever I can and want to, and if it’s not finished by the time I move out, well, it’s not like I’m never coming back, I’ll just finish it during weekend visits πŸ™‚
I have this deal with my parents that they’re not allowed to paint it all white again. So, I either leave them with an unfinished painting or I’ll finish it at some point, just, not with any haste right now.. And maybe I do somehow work my ass of next week and finish it, who knows?
The point is, this painting is not about the finished product. It’s about the journey to the end. It’s about this, right here, me writing about it to you, sharing my process and enjoying what I do.

Ok, I’m going back to the garage now, to sand down the drawer, and then it will get a nice paint job. Oh, and I wanted to bake cookies or cupcakes or something for Tuesday, because I want to celebrate the fact that we handed in our thesis with my fellow students and with the company. Any suggestions??? They all love chocolate!



Painting progress April

Hi there! Remember this blog?
Yeah, I’ve been off the radar for a while.. Long time readers will know, it just happens and I’m not even apologizing anymore, there’s no point πŸ˜›
So what’s happened? Well, let’s look at the list:

– I’m graduating and writing a thesis. Not alone, but it’s a lot of work and it takes all my dedication and concentration, 40 hours a week. I’m exhausted at the end of the day, and some weekends, I’ve been too tired to even watch Outlander. I have made a change though, I started taking better care of myself:
– I started with Pilates, which takes some time at the end of my day, but it’s awesome. I’m getting stronger! πŸ™‚ I have been practising yoga for a little longer and I have to say, once you get over the whole.. what should I call it.. vague stuff, you know, it’s really relaxing and my mind is at peace after an evening session. So, I realized that taking serious care of my body, with more exersize and allowing myself to relax, is really important and I feel better. This has one downside: it takes time, meaning less time for other projects.
– I have been ill for two weeks. I was really ‘out’ for one week, but I had this infection called Sinusitis, really annoying..
– My best friend and I went to the first edition of Dutch Comic Con! It was so cool! That took a lot of time to prepare, we were cosplayers and I did our makeup. There is a video on its way! It has to wait though because…
– Last week my laptop died. I am now working on a computer that does not have the ability of performing properly with CS6. My thesis is not in danger because we save everything on Dropbox (THANK HEAVEN) and there’s a backup of my harddrive, but right now I can’t reach anything that used to be on that laptop and the whole situation sucks.
– Other than that, I have found a job while I’m not even finished with my thesis, so that’s fantastic!!! Right now, I’m searching for a house in Groningen, so I can live closer to the job. This whole travelling student has also taken it’s toll on me and I am done with all that. Plus, Groningen is simply awesome and it’s about time I start living my own life there πŸ˜€

Aaaaaand the sun has been shining a lot over the past 3 weeks! πŸ˜€ I can now paint my wall until about 20.00 p.m. which is great, because, I get home around 18.00, dinner, clean up, and then I can either feel like painting or feel like working out, or both, or whatever, I actually have the choice to go ahead and paint! After 18.00!

The changes are the rocks and flower things.
I painted the waterfall rocks and shadows, so the waterfall is now finished. I decided that the flowers need to be a whole lot brighter and happier so I used white over them, and that will make the colours pop out more. I roughly sketched out all the bushes with the white.
From now on, it’s all about the green zone. Which is a lot. But I’m getting there!

IMG_3362 IMG_3364 IMG_3365

I am not sure when the Comic Con post will be ready, not very soon I’m afraid. I do hope you enjoy the update on my artwork πŸ™‚



Painting progress : Januari / Februari

Over the past few weeks I’ve had some opportunities to paint, since there has been some sunshine again! πŸ™‚


So, what has changed?
The waterfall, I went right over everything that was there with blue and grey, to create shadows and background colours, and went over it with a big fat layer of white. The stones in the waterfall itself were also defined.
Then today and yesterday, the stones in the river on the right were up! These are finished.

I might paint more tomorrow, but the weather forecast is not looking good, so, I don’t know yet. All I know is that next up are the stones around the waterfall. And then… we’ll see!

I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend, I’m going to go to the city and celebrate Burns Night. I have never heard of it before and I have no idea what to expect, but there was a Highlander dresscode, so that will be fun πŸ™‚



Painting progress: Christmas break

Happy new year!

The last few days of my break I’ve been painting again. Finally!
I feel like it has been too long, but now the sun is shining and I just had to grab my brushes and get to it.


What has changed:
The tree trunks of the three most visible trees on the left side. The one on the right was finished, as I said previously, but now the others have gotten more definition and I’d say those trees are finished. Though who knows πŸ™‚
The path, I smeared some leftover brown on the start of the path, so it’s darker..
The grass, I filled in the empty space between Β the trunks, filled in some other white gaps and lighter areas so it’s slightly greener.
The grey dense forest behind the big tree on the left, I filled in those areas as well.
So, it was mainly about adding definition to the trees and their immediate surrounding areas.

High on my to-do list is the waterfall. I was going to try it today, but I have to leave in half an hour and I just don’t have the guts for it yet.

Other than that, it’s looking pretty great! One thing I have definitely learned this year is: Don’t be afraid to use darker colours. Mixing with black is perfectly fine!

Other news: I’m going to paint a wall for one of my best friends, I’ve been sketching/getting my hands covered in paint this morning and we’re getting somewhere.. I will show you more of that soon! I promise, that one won’t be such a long term project πŸ˜›



Painting progress September

It’s still september! So I can still post this today πŸ™‚ Unless your location is east of Abu Dhabi..


So, this tree is finished! Or, well, I think I will add a little more light on the sides, because it’s really dark now and I had to get used to that for like, three days. By now I’m ok with it, but really, sunday I thought I’d f*ed up with the dark colours. I even used black to create those little cracks that tree trunks tend to have, whereas previously I have tried to avoid using black black.

So, that’s one tree. And the little stumps in front of it, though I think they need some fine editing.

Getting there!

Also, I was messing around with my camara this weekend, because I still have no idea what I’m actually doing and I just take shots and post the pretty ones. One of my co-workers at my internship company explained some camara wisdom and I took this shot of the clouds during sunsetΒ friday night:


I think it’s brilliant, this is what the sky actually looked like, no photoshop, this is me and my camera skills. You might think: “come on Lizzy, it’s no rocket science”. I know, it’s just messing around with settings. Still, I’m proud, because a standard mode will not get you this result πŸ™‚