Below you will find documentation of my jobs related to this blog. Photos can not be used or taken without permission.


Photoshoot “Lisa” April 2016

Photographer/retoucher: Wouter Oud

Model: Lisa Verwoerd


We had fun! Wouter wanted to do something with rigid collodion, so I messed around with that, without a plan, and here’s the results.


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Photoshoot “Red” January 2016

Photographer/retoucher: Wouter Oud

MUA/model: Me

Shot as a participation in a photography competition by Matt Granger.


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Carnaval 2015
My village is surrounded by real Carnaval villages. It’s funny, my village also has a community for it, but I have never been a part of all that. I’m student in the big city. I have family in the Carnaval places though, so I go see the parade sometimes, and this year, I had not one, not two, but THREE makeup jobs! It’s fantastic! I too, think Carnaval is one of the best weekends of the year, but that’s because I can dress up like a weirdo and go out in public, no one will blink an eye.

So, first day, there was Roseline, I met her for the Halloween makeup job I did last year and she called saturday afternoon. We settled with a neutral version of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, the version done by Alexys from MadeUlook, because she wasn’t really in for crazy facepaint. It was a big challenge for me, to not go all the way with the crazy, but we made it and Roseline was satisfied 🙂


The second and third day were Danielle and Mirthe, Danielle is practically family and Mirthe, her friend, is a former collegue of mine, so, familiar faces! Danielle asked me weeks ago for Carnaval. They wanted a Sugarskull, this particular one by Lindsay. I practised on myself first, so they were able to give feedback. The girls wanted to go all the way with pink, glitter and everything couldn’t be crazy enough, so that was good. I really liked doing dramatic, theatrical, extravagant makeup that says BOOM in your face, I was trying to find ways to make the colours pop more and more, something I never really do at home. I completely changed the products that I used, but I think it turned out pretty good 🙂
The third day is actually today, we’re doing the same look and the girls want to win this Best Dressed contest thing, so fingers crossed!


Theater production ‘Witches’ December 2014
Here are some pictures that were taken during the show. It was a theater show based on the book of Roald Dahl. I helped out with the makeup for the choir of witches, which was a large group of people. You can’t really see the makeup very well, because the costumes included sunglasses, and I can’t really find photos that show when the witches can take the glasses and wigs off. Some of the witches below are not part of the choir, though everybody basically had the same makeup. It was a lot of fun!



Photoshoot December 2014

Below are my favorite results of a photoshoot that I had with one of my best friends.
I think these give a nice, overall view of what we did.
We were going for a Dark Alley Cat-look with smokey eyes, but it had to remain natural and neutral. My mask also had a feature! (Credit for the mask goes to Klaire de Lys, I made my own version of hers, there’s a seperate post on that somewhere on this blog..)
I also served as a hairstylist, to jump right in when I saw things were out of place, etc. The redhead you see about halfway, that’s me, haha!

Photographer: Robbert Dijkstra, Picturelab
Model: Iris
MUA: Melissa, There’s something about rainbows

Location: Eindhoven

Products used:
– Sleek I-Divine pallette Storm
– BHCosmetics 120 eyeshadow pallete 2nd edition
– Sugarpill Cosmetics eyeshadow Bulletproof
– YSL Ombres 5 Lumières 13, the pink colour
OCC liptar in kava kava



Wall painting
The painting that I made at school. It was for the “Open Day” where new students would come and see, this was going to be the room for the the Earthquake minor that the school now provides. I had help from my classmate Robert Wilken, so we were able to finish this in 2 days.
A few weeks ago though, I found out the painting is now white.


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