Work in progress – 23 nights ’till Halloween


*Insert evil mhuahaha dr. Frankenstein sound*

Let it be clear that I am after this post on completely ignoring the fact that I was MIA on this blog for 3 months. I was going to do a post like: hey, I’m back! But screw that. No one reads it anyway 😛 This is not a travel blog people!
Though if you must know more about where the heck I’ve been, feel free to let me know and I might show of some awesome photos…

The best time of the year has arrived!! It’s October and that means HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

Seriously, this is the best Halloween EVER.
I am working on so many things right now, you have to see this once I have it all wrapped up. I’m so, supersuperstoked and happy about it and I can’t find the right words to describe how much I LOVE this.. 😀 Big shoutout to Tereza (Hi Tereza!) for her trust in me and her courage to be my model!

I know I had the best time last year, but this year is so much better. I have so much to do for Halloween, that when my ‘clients’ from last year called to ‘hire’ me again, I had to cancel..
I have at least 2 other people I’m doing makeup for on Halloween itself besides my own makeup.
I am probably also going to do the makeup of the party host.
Besides that I will be the on site MUA for party poopers that didn’t dress up so I can turn them into Halloween-worthy wonders.

All of that is so fantastic!
And of the people that I will be doing makeup for, I have done lots of research and homework, and we started preparing weeks ago. I invented something that is so cool! I filmed everything, won’t be able to edit but we’ll get there!

So above, that is something for my own look.
I decided to create my own latex glove so I can simply wear that over my hand at the party, while when I have to do makeup on site I can throw it off and work without worries about the paint or whatever on my hand.

I used some sculpting wax first to create longer fingertips, and I pressed some really weird fake nails into that (not visible in picture because it’s inside out). Then I created about 5 layers of liquid latex all over the hand and BAM, done!
Basically it’s just the regular process of using latex, except I did it on my own hand instead of a mall.


This is some homemade fake blood! Whooohoo!
I’m really doing research into the DIY material like gelatine, this is just one of the things I have been playing with. So yeah, gelatine is pretty awesome.
I discovered that it is not OK to save some prepared gelatine outside of the freezer for over 2 weeks, because you’ll get a nasty side effect food generally tends to get, other than that, it’s brilliant!

On a non Halloween related note: I have been painting at the wall, but no pictures because I didn’t take my camera with me when I visited my parents, so, that will have to wait.

My life right now? Aside from all listed above, I’m good. I love living in this city, on my own. It took me a while to get the whole household thing down but it’s ok now. Cooking for myself really is paying off now, combine the portion control with cycling an hour everyday + going to the gym thrice a week and you’ll get a healthier lifestyle. Work is also pretty good!
Everything’s a little hectic because after a full-time job I push myself to the limit to work on Halloween stuff, work out and have a social life, so that’s also why it took me pretty long to get back to TSAR.

Anyways, I hope you’re still around, reading my blog! I really appreciate it and I wanted to show you this little something, and let you know that I am still alive and well, and also still really into doing makeup.




This week!

So, it’s been a busy week, and I could make seperate posts of everything, but I prefer doing this all at once, so here we go!

Last sunday was my Carnival makeup job number 1, for Roseline.  I met her for the Halloween makeup job I did last year and she called saturday afternoon. We settled with a neutral version of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, the version done by Alexys from MadeUlook, because she wasn’t really in for crazy facepaint. It was a big challenge for me, to not go all the way with the crazy, but we made it and Roseline was satisfied 🙂


Monday and Tuesday were the other makeup jobs for Carnival, the girls wanted a Sugarskull, this particular one by Lindsay. I practised on myself first, so they were able to give feedback.

IMG_3198 IMG_3206

The girls wanted to go all the way with pink, glitter and everything couldn’t be crazy enough, so that was good. I really liked doing dramatic, theatrical, extravagant makeup that says BOOM in your face, I was trying to find ways to make the colours pop more and more, something I never really do at home. I completely changed the products that I used, but I think it turned out pretty good 🙂
The girls actually won the Best Dressed contest of Melody, so YAY 😀



The last few days of the week I finished a piece of furniture, it’s a gift for one of my best friends, she and her boyfriend are now living together. It’s supposed to be something to put plants on, like herbs. They really liked it 🙂
This is the crafting project I have been working on for a few weeks, and because of this guy here, I wasn’t painting when the sun was shining. But it was fun! A challenge, but it was great!



Other news:
The video thing with the spaghetti bridge is over, not going to happen anymore. I’m sad, but it’s ok, it was kind of something I expected, I had to contact all these people I didn’t really know and make sure they replied to a producer, but not everyone did, so, due to the law system in the US with rights and whatever, they can’t use the clip.

The Elven Costume continues to be fantastic, a collegue is borrowing it now for her daughter, which is lovely, I’m not really using it anymore. I should try to keep Ireth alive though! Let me know if you have suggestions?

I also have a new video coming up, though it’s not finished, ofcourse… I have the rough video editing done, now it needs a voiceover and music, so the whole sound editing is yet to be done, sometime soon. I saw the weather for tomorrow is fantastic, so tomorrow I should paint my wall!

Conclusion: lots of things that I knew were coming, are now finished. This was the best Carnival I ever had, due to all the makeup! Still, there are a lot of projects that have yet to be finished 🙂



WILD series: the sequel

It’s about time ! 😀

Here’s some face doodling that I did this weekend, it’s been so long since I painted my face! I really should do this every week, because seriously, it makes me feel so good..

It’s a recreation of the always amazing Alexys Fleming, known as MadeUlook by Lex. She did not post a video for it, I just saw an older photo and thought it was a great day to become a dragon.
Then I thought, why not add it to the WILD series? 🙂

“I am the blood of the dragon” – Daenerys Targaryen


So you can either think of this as an animal/WILD thing, or a dedication to GoT, or just an artistic recreation of Lex’s, I don’t care, I just want you to know it was so much fun making this..


What I used:
– Mehron Paradise Paints in white, yellow, red and black
– Sugarpill Cosmetics eyeshadows Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Love +, 2am
– OCC liptar in Kava kava
– MAX fake lashes & Kryolan lash glue
– Black mascara
– Black eyeliner, mine’s from Essence
– Probably the most important part here: a stencil 🙂
– Contacts were photoshopped, but that’s optional

My stencil was very simple, I didn’t even make it myself. You know how fruit sometimes has this package in nettings or something? I kind off save those for these purposes. It’s so freaking awesome, I hadn’t used them before but AAHH love it 🙂
Other than that, I think this is pretty self explanatory, so, yeah, awesome 🙂


Halloween is coming up soon!!!!! The most wonderful time of the year!



Throwback time! Tiger handart

Welcome to the new followers! I want you to know that I appreciate every one of you!

Yesterday I found some things on my computer, and I realized I never posted this!

It’s a handart paint job, inspired by Klaire de Lys’ tutorial. She got the idea from Guido Daniele, who is an amazing handart painter.


This was done a long time ago, the saving date I have here is 28 August 2012… It must have been around the same time as I did the parrot handart.

For this paintjob I used waterbased facepaints from Bruynzeel.


I really like doing these handart paintings, I want to do some again soon.. Any suggestions/requests?



Just tried something…

Messed around this morning… it’s called rigid collodion 😀


I just got this stuff last week and tested it out, just to see what would happen.. Only afterwards I read somewhere that I should probably not use to many layers at the same day. But then, who would leave this on for longer than a day???
Anyways, I removed it with a special potion that is not a remover but makes it thinner, no problem at all. No weird reactions from my skin, so, I’d say let’s find a new project to use this!!




New video! Zombie tutorial

Welcome to all the new followers!!!

Here’s a new video tutorial on how I made my ‘Rotten Zombie’ 🙂
*Warning*  not for the faint hearted!!!!!!!!!

I did this look last week, for those who follow TSAR on facebook, they’ve seen a preview already…

Anyways, enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe/follow/like!!!




Recreating: Four Horsemen: Death

Welcome to my new followers!

As you may have guessed, I have time on my hands! Whoo!
First, the video, and now I’ve done some doodling on my face.
Oh and lets not forget that I’m working on my wall painting again as well.

I’m so happy!


This look was done by Klaire de Lys, my biggest inspiration. I wanted to recreate this the moment I saw it, but I wanted to give it a small touch of my own by adding some colour. I added green eyeshadow and some of the rhinestones are green as well. This formed a nice contrast with the pink eye makeup and made my swirles more like leaves. Also, my version is not as black/dark as hers.
All in all, this took only an hour or two, which surprised me because Klaire said it took her many more. It’s was a lot of fun to be doing this sort of thing again (:



Products used:

– Eyeshadow from BHcosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition
– Etos eyebrow pencil 003 for the brown-ish lines
– Essence eyeliner pen in black
– Hema pencil in black (once my linerpens ran out, though it’s been sharpened a lot and I can’t read the exact name anymore, haha)
– Essence pencil in white (again, it has become a short pencil due to sharpening)
– BHcosmetics 66 lipcolour palette
– Hema metallic eyeshader in silver
– MAX false lashes
– Kryolan lash glue
– Rhinestones purchased at Action (cheap store in the Netherlands)

So that’s pretty regular makeup, no paints (:


As you can see in this nice closeup, my lashes were kind of a wrong choice, but I didn’t have any normal ones left. Need to get some more natural ones, these really were too extreme.


I just love what my hands look like after doing this..


Don’t forget to check out my Catching Fire video!