Back to school: Chalkboard Nails


First things first: Welcome to my new followers!!! Thankyou so much, I am thrilled that I have 10 followers now from all over the world, people who are not (yet) my best friends and I have never met before. You are awesome.

So, I did another nailart, yay (: I wanted to find Sarah’s channel (from ChalkboardNails) on youtube but then I found mani’s like my current one, that’s how I got the idea. I saw that cutepolish recently did this mani as well, so I gave it a go!


1. Paint your nails black (Hema nailpolish no. 12)

2. Use acryllic paints to doodle on your nails. I mixed several colours with white to get pastels. (Amsterdam acrylic Standard Series) I’m using acryllic paint for my art design doodles because I find this easier to work with. If you prefer using polish, that’s perfect! I just always get my polish way to thick or whatever, so, yeah..

3. Seal with a matt topcoat (Hema top coat Matt no. 20)


And that is all, really easy right? I choose to do some easier doodles on my right hand, because I’m righthanded, so they look kind of.. weird. But I think the left hand is pretty cute. The design is just some doodling that I came up with, I did not watch any videos on youtube. If it looks the same as someone elses, I am sorry, didn’t see it.


Other fantastic news: MY SWEATER IS FINISHED (: Hooray! Post coming up soon!