Wedding party makeup


I promised you a while back that I would make a pictorial of that wedding makeup I did for my cousin. I still haven’t, I do have this picture for you that shows me trying it on myself..

I added the rhinestones for fun, my cousin ended up actually liking those too, but only on the outer corner. Also, she wanted it to be more fierce, darker but also more of the hot pink. At the wedding, I also made the glitter a bit more obvious because I used loose pigments. As you know, glitter pigments go EVERYWHERE (use a tissue!) and they look stunning… But this was only the shimmery shadow next to the white on a BH120 palette 2nd edition (the pink/yellow/orange side) used on top of white kayal liner, and just look at that shiny inner corner 😀

But, yeah, this was me playing with colours:






Carnaval 2013

As promised, my late carnaval post!

I was inspired by these pictures, as you can see down below I went for the blue one (:



I did not add a costume or anything because I didn’t celebrate carnaval, so this is the finished look.

It was done in face paint, eyeshadows, lipstick from the BHcosmetics 66lipcolour palette, and then I added loose glitters and rhinestones.



The Terminator

At last, here’s the post I’ve been postphoning for weeeeeeks..

And please don’t ask me why, I don’t even know, I mean, I was so proud when I had this done!

One little disappointment was when I had like, 12497137894 pictures, most of them where blurred… -.-

Here’s what I did:

I put some latex in a small cup and used a sponge to create the first layers of latex on my skin. I put some on my arm and my hand (don’t forget to shave your arms first!) and some on my face (not near the eyes!) and neck. Then I used my fingers to build layers, because my sponge was ruined 😛


When the latex had dried completely I started pulling on it from the centre, creating a hole with some scissors. Then I just pulled the edges outwards and with a pair of small scissors I cut some out, so it started to look like ravelling skin. I did this on all latex parts. Do not cut your real skin!




Then I used my Kryolan face paint in silver on the inside, on my normal skin. With a black face paint I drew the outlines of some details that made me look like a robot. Then I mixed some silver with the black to create shadows and depth.


After that, I used my fake blood to make a messy bloody scene. Next time, I think I should use a dark eyeshadow underneath the blood as a basecoat, because my blood turned out pretty orange in the pictures.


I also did a dark very smokey eye with metallic colours, all by BHcosmetics. I wanted to make it look a little bruised as well, but that didn’t really work.

After taking pictures and scaring the hell out of my family I went into pain to get the latex off again 😛 Seriously, I neeeeed to find a way to make this less painfull. Does anyone know if you should use some sort of product before applying latex? Cause that would be great 😀

Anyway, I’m proud. For a first time doing this sort of thing, I think it worked out pretty good 🙂



Happy painting!




Yesterday was Halloween, one of my favorite times of the year! Even though no one celebrates it in the Netherlands, it’s such a wonderfull excuse to paint my entire face! Unfortunately I was only able to do one look out of the three that I had planned this year, due to school and personal circumstances. The other two  looks will hopefully follow in about two weeks when I’m done with all the deadlines and exams.

Anyway, here’s the first one, Emily from ‘Corpse Bride’.

Emily – face front

This is a classic Halloween look, it’s been done before in fantastic ways and I wanted to do it as well. I saw the video that Promise Phan made for this look, it was very helpfull 🙂

I just love Tim Burton movies, this is probably my favorite, I just love the figures starring in the movies, I love the style in which his movies are always kind of dark and mysterious,  and I considered this look as a challenge, because I really wanted to look like Emily. My head does normally not look like her. I even put on a white dress that could pass as a wedding dress for people who keep things simple..

Emily – Right side

I wanted to shock my parents (which I did by the way, it was hilarious), I wanted to experiment with the contouring on my new blue skin, it was so much fun!

I really love painting my face this way. The paint I’m using is not very fantastic, so I will have to get some better paint someday.. I used about two layers of regular water based face paint, and I found it really difficult to make it a solid layer of light blue. Whenever I tried to do a second layer on top it just got thinner, I’m probably doing something wrong here..

But anyway, I love painting and I love how this look turned out.

Here’s a list of all the products that I used:

– Face paint- Bruynzeel Color Express, it’s just a small box with six colours in it, I do  all my bodypaint work with this, I just mixed the white and blue to get the right shade

– Eyeshadow for the eyes, contouring and to set the paint with a powder on my eyes – BHcosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition

– The lips were done with a nice pink from my BHcosmetics 66 lip palette

– Black eyeliner – Essence Eyeliner pen

Hi 🙂

And then I washed everything off again by taking a shower :’)

I’m looking forward to do my other looks that were meant to be up this week. I can tell you that it will be involving special effects makeup, something I discoverd just recently. It will be my first actual look using special effects, yay 😀

This was my first makeupart post, what do you think? & what did you do for Halloween this year?