The Hobbit: the Final Adventure of the 21st Century Elf Ireth

Yesterday, I went to see the last installment of the Hobbit trilogy. I won’t give away too many spoilers, but I can tell you: it was good. Despite some differences with the book (which, were already obvious in the previous films), I really enjoyed it!

And did you see the credits art! I loved them..

Bravo to all the people that worked on this film. I know there are a lot of you. My deepest respect to all of you πŸ™‚

It was finally time to wear my complete costume and become my alter ego Ireth again. For pictures of the entire costume, click here.
Below you will see the proces of my transformation πŸ˜‰


I started with the ears. You can see how I made my ears on a previous blog post, but the best explanation for the entire thing is this video by Klaire de Lys, I made mine exactly the same way, but her video shows every step perfectly.



My hair is naturally this long and thick, I did not use extensions.

I tied a section from above, then I made a section from my ear up to the tied section, on both sides of my head. I split this new section into two: the lower half for the locks in front of my ear, the other half for a regular braid towards the back of my head. Then these two braids come together with the tied hair from above. After that I made a fishtail braid with the tied hair and some extra hair from the back of my head. I pulled it loose like Kayley Melissa always does, especially in the top of the braid.


I found this really old necklace that I wore to my first prom, and I pinned it below the start of the small braids with bobby pins.

For makeup: I used a light beige shimmer eyeshadow on the lid, then I used some brown mascara. For the lips, I went with a simple layer of Purol to saturate them, and I used BB cream on my face, with a light powder over it. Since my face was too warm, I didn’t add any contour or blush, that is way to much for elves… Oh, and I did my brows with that HD brows set I accidentally got at IMATS πŸ™‚


And that’s it! That’s how you become an elf!

It was quite an adventure to go to the cinema. I drove this time, and first, I had to make sure my cloak was ‘on board’ πŸ™‚

While we got out of the car in the parking lot, it was freezing cold! But, I did everything for art, so I left my coat in the car and went like this, in my cape, to the cinema. While we were walking in, I was the object of stares. There were many people in a long waiting line, so, that was fun!

I just love doing this. Though some people can be rude!Β Not that I mind, I mean, well, there was an actual elf, the closest to reality most of them had ever seen. And it might help promote Cosplay and open people’s minds and hearts.

Again, if you are going to watch it, I ask you, watch the credits! The people who worked on this film deserve your 5 more minutes of attention!!!
Enjoy it, I definitely did πŸ™‚

Other very important news! Saturday I went to Eindhoven with one of my best friends, she had a photoshoot there. She asked me to come along as her MUA, which was GREAT! I loved it! I got to do my friends’ makeup and learn from a wonderful photographer! This will also give me the opportunity to add beautiful photos to my portfolio as an artist, so it’s really great. This was my first time at a photoshoot, so, yeah, progress!! Results will be uploaded as soon as I get them πŸ™‚



The Complete Elven Costume pattern

It’s here! It’s here!

I know I said this multiple times already, but, the Elven costume cloak is still the biggest attraction to this blog thanks to a link on Pinterest. I cannot thank the person who did that enough, just, please read this someday? Thanks so much!
Especially now, with Halloween behind usΒ and December 10 coming closer (the movie actually came out YESTERDAY in the UK!), more and more people have come to check out my version. I told you some time ago that I would be uploading a pattern for everything, that day has finally arrived! πŸ™‚ Continue reading

DIY: Elven cloak

*** Click here for the expansion to this post: the Complete Costume and Pattern!!!!***

As was shown in the preview, I was working on my cloak yesterday, and it’s finished!


Materials needed:

– Fabric. I suggest a length of 3 metres, so you have enough to create the desired length of the cape. Mine was 3 metres long and 1,40 metres wide, 70 cm when folded and from the roll.

– sewing machine, thread, anything you’d use when sewing, like, scissors, pins..

Tip: Make a muslin first with old newspapers. Just tape them together and that way you can figure out what size everything will be and how much fabric you really need.

The cape I made was inspired by this tutorial, only I made mine a lot longer. I wanted a cape that would reach my ankles at least.Β Also, I changed the neckline, but I’ll explain that later. Β The hood was from this article, but again I altered some things. For starters, I ignored the first part and only went for the hood design.

So, first I made the cape part. I roughly cut of the length that I wanted, which was about 1,70 metres ( I had to finish of the edges and I’m tall ). I finished of the edges at the sides first, after that I went for the neckline. Now, instead of just folding the edge like you would normally do, I folded it with a space of about 3 cm as you can see in this picture:


This way, I could make a cord and pull that through, this way you can manually pull your cape tighter or wider when it’s finished.

After this I checked the length of the cape and cut of some more fabric, as it was touching the floor. Then I finished the bottom edge as well.

On to the hood! I cut out the kite shapes as it is described in the article, but I decided to make two instead of four, because I thought the lining part was pointless. It’s not, I advise you to do the lining, but I just didn’t understand at the time. Plus I was out of fabric for more kites. For the measurements, I started of with a huge neckline, about 80 cm, divided in half that would be 40 for the triangle part. Then the 75 cm down and connect and fold that out as they say. I sewed the long sides together and then finished of the other edges.


Then, and now comes the part I found the hardest, I tried to pin the hood to the cape, and for this I decided I should make the cape a little tighter with the cord, and then sew the hood on as shown in the picture.


I made tiny folds then and again to make sure it fitted nicely.


After sewing that I was finished! πŸ˜€ Here’s the result:


Personally, I hardly see that the hood has no lining side, and when I wear the cloak it’ll be even less visible, especially with my hair covering it up..

Now on to sculpting the ears! And finishing my sweater, again! (I will, but I’m not making promises anymore)