DIY: Elven Ears

These are the ears that go with this costume!

Products used:

– clay

– liquid latex (Kryolan)

– Talc powder


Make ears of clay. I took some pictures of my ears and try to create a clay model of them, then I gave them pointed ends. I chose to let the clay dry for a night.


Apply a layer of latex, let this dry until you don’t see much of the light liquid colour anymore, apply another layer and repeat. I did about 4 layers. WARNING: Use either really really old brushes or cheap ones, because you’re going to have to throw them out after using latex on them. I also used my fingers. Make sure you’re not allergic to latex!!!!


Let this dry properly for another night. Make sure you don’t put this in bright daylight, that will make your latex darker.


Use a powder on your latex while it’s still on the clay sculture. Preferably a talc powder. Slowly pull the latex off, powder this other side as you go. Your ears will come off inside out (:



Done! Try them on to see how you did. I discovered that mine will need some cutting and ofcourse, a lot of makeup. This version however will be a lot better then my previous elven ears!