Up to something

And I can’t say much, which basically tells some people enough. Super mysterious, I know.. 😛




20 nights untill Halloween


There are people who know what this is about… However, those that don’t will have to wait 😉


This one is not about Halloween, it’s for another little project. What do you think of the colour?

I like this small photo update sort of thing, might be I’ll keep doing this for october!



This week!

So, it’s been a busy week, and I could make seperate posts of everything, but I prefer doing this all at once, so here we go!

Last sunday was my Carnival makeup job number 1, for Roseline.  I met her for the Halloween makeup job I did last year and she called saturday afternoon. We settled with a neutral version of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, the version done by Alexys from MadeUlook, because she wasn’t really in for crazy facepaint. It was a big challenge for me, to not go all the way with the crazy, but we made it and Roseline was satisfied 🙂


Monday and Tuesday were the other makeup jobs for Carnival, the girls wanted a Sugarskull, this particular one by Lindsay. I practised on myself first, so they were able to give feedback.

IMG_3198 IMG_3206

The girls wanted to go all the way with pink, glitter and everything couldn’t be crazy enough, so that was good. I really liked doing dramatic, theatrical, extravagant makeup that says BOOM in your face, I was trying to find ways to make the colours pop more and more, something I never really do at home. I completely changed the products that I used, but I think it turned out pretty good 🙂
The girls actually won the Best Dressed contest of Melody, so YAY 😀



The last few days of the week I finished a piece of furniture, it’s a gift for one of my best friends, she and her boyfriend are now living together. It’s supposed to be something to put plants on, like herbs. They really liked it 🙂
This is the crafting project I have been working on for a few weeks, and because of this guy here, I wasn’t painting when the sun was shining. But it was fun! A challenge, but it was great!



Other news:
The video thing with the spaghetti bridge is over, not going to happen anymore. I’m sad, but it’s ok, it was kind of something I expected, I had to contact all these people I didn’t really know and make sure they replied to a producer, but not everyone did, so, due to the law system in the US with rights and whatever, they can’t use the clip.

The Elven Costume continues to be fantastic, a collegue is borrowing it now for her daughter, which is lovely, I’m not really using it anymore. I should try to keep Ireth alive though! Let me know if you have suggestions?

I also have a new video coming up, though it’s not finished, ofcourse… I have the rough video editing done, now it needs a voiceover and music, so the whole sound editing is yet to be done, sometime soon. I saw the weather for tomorrow is fantastic, so tomorrow I should paint my wall!

Conclusion: lots of things that I knew were coming, are now finished. This was the best Carnival I ever had, due to all the makeup! Still, there are a lot of projects that have yet to be finished 🙂



Sunday crafts

Today I wanted to do some things that have been on a mental list for a while.. I decided to not have a lazy sunday and get creative!

I made a new clay version of pointed elf ears, but that will get a seperate post somewhere later.. Let’s just say I made bigger ones with a smoother surface.

After that, I made these:


In case you don’t like magic, they’re Harry Potter wands! Yay!

So, here’s the proces:


I used chop-sticks (you know, the things for Chinese food), hot glue, rhinestones and acryllic paints.



Glue around the chopsticks however you like, you can add a round rhinestone at the end if you like, you can make all kinds of swirls and patterns, stones, buldges and what not. You can press the glue once it’s cold enough.


Then you can paint the wands with wood-ish shades.



I really liked making these, since I’m a total nerd when it comes to Harry Potter.. I don’t buy these things, I love making my own 🙂

All credit goes to this page!





Sewing project: School bag

Hello and welcome to my new followers!

The project I will show you today was done last week. It’s not very large, though it did take some time.. This is more of a post to let you know I’m still alive.

This is the inside of my schoolbag, as it was last week:


I think it got bad enough, even though it’s been like this for a very long time.. I’ve been ‘losing’ my phone, keys, things like that, really annoying actually!
But, yes, I didn’t want to throw the bag away, because I love the outside design so much. I thought, I can do this, let’s make a new lining (:



Overly shiny photo, I know..

And so now the bag is fixed!


Other fun stuff I did: not much actually. School is taking up a lot of time, during weeknights and weekends, meaning no time for crafting/art/anything. But the good part is that I actually like my homework now (:

Whenever I do have a spare hour or so, I work on a knitting project that you haven’t heard of yet (but you probably will very soon :P), and I’ve been reading. Currently, I’m reading ‘The age of miracles’ by Karen Thompson Walker. I like it, it’s a good story, though it’s not an average book..

Obviously I’m dying to do some serious painting again, whether it’s my wall or a makeupart/ bodypainting, so when I will you’ll be the first to know!



P.S. I actually did two bodypaintings a while ago, something for carnaval, but I wasn’t satisfied with them.. I’m still not sure if I want to upload those..


Handmade lashes

For my Capitol look I made these lashes.
I was inspired by Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games, although the entire look is not from the movies but made by myself.

I also got the idea to make my own lashes after seeing a post by Klaire de Lys, who made a set of all seasons. I liked the idea and tried this out.


I used some old gift wrapping paper that I originally saved as a nailart inspiration, and I cut tiny flowers with some scissors. Then I used normal crafting glue to stick the paper flowers to a pair of natural lashes. This was a task that took patience, so beware haha (: 




Circle scarf: Broomstick lace

After this short 2 weeks hiatus from blogging, I’m back! Whoo! Brace yourselves, because even though I didn’t write anything, I did do a lot of stuff, and it’s coming your way in 3… 2… 1…

So this is a scarf that I made as a gift for my mom. It’s the second scarf that I’ve ever made, and I love this one, but I haven’t really worn it yet to test it… But, yes, I love the colour and I really like this pattern, broomstick lace is fun! 


The pattern was from another blogger, you can find it here. I decided to make it wider, because mom and I like our scarves to be big and bulky. Instead of the 31 stitches I did 61.

The first photo was shot in the dark, so the other one really shows you what it looks like. Yes, this is the same yarn as the other project thingie that didn’t work out and I started over with, and I’ll tell you about that later cause that’s finished too 😀