Photoshoot ‘Red’

After your tremendous feedback on the preview, I could hardly wait to get the rest of the photos! I got all of them today and I am so, SO happy πŸ˜€

Photographer/retoucher: Wouter Oud

MUA/hair/model: Me!

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For those of you that don’t know my blog yet: This is my very first photoshoot. The first one that is actually something.Β I did makeup on one shoot before (see portfolio) but this is my first time modelling. It was so cool!

So how did this happen?
I met Wouter a couple of weeks ago through other friends, and well, I talked about this blog and my passion for makeup, he looked at the blog and agreed on collaborating soon πŸ™‚

Around New Years he sent me a link to a photography competition and asked if I had any awesome ideas.
I did this makeup a yearΒ ago for the first time, it was very rough and it desperately needed a redo+normal photos instead of webcam photos, but I hadn’t really gotten to that point yet. Which is why I hadn’t even posted this on here.
This was the perfect oppertunity! I sent Wouter the webcam picture and he was happy, so, I sketched and changed a lot of things, actually, but, yes, the end result is very satisfying πŸ˜€

Wouter built up his gear in my living room and we were having a lot of fun shooting this. It’s very interesting to see all the different ways you can change a photo. Lights are so important. I also understand that with just my DSLR, I will not be able to create masterpieces like these photos on my own.
The good news is, next time I want to go paint myself on a weekend, I’ll call Wouter to see if he has time!


This is what my living room looked like

In short, I’m superhappy and this definitely calls for another shoot sometime soon. I would appreciate it if you could check out Wouter’s website and support him. Checking out the contest would also be pretty cool.
The most important part was having fun with it though. That is the purpose of the competition, to go Get your Gear out, go shoot, go have fun! And for that, I’m really grateful.

Thankyou for all your positive reactions πŸ™‚



Trying heatless curls : My results

Yesterday, my friend send me this link of Kayley Melissa.

I thought: That is really cool, let’s see what it does!
My hair is quite a bit longer than Kayley’s hair is nowadays, so I was curious whether it would work on me as well.

Since I started growing my layers out and going all Rapunzel, I haven’t touched my heating methods for curls. You might remember that time with the papillotes, for Capitol Citizen, well, that was the last time I curled my hair…
I really take care of my hair, try to minimize the damage with all those things you can find online, which made my hair strong, thick and long. The only thing I don’t do is use certain advertised products, I don’t believe in that.
Fun fact: I measured my hair last week, it was 85 cm from the crown of my head.

Anyways, this is what happened:


First, you get to look like some evil queen from Disney, which felt awesome!
It was hard for me to wrap all of my hair. After the first round of wrapping, I move to the side, just like you would with a curling iron, and then for the next section of hair, I went over the previous wrapped hair, otherwise it wouldn’t fit on the halo.
The wrapping itself is super easy though!


I remember from previous curling methods, that when you wrap your hair in the same place and not move aside, the hair closest to the centre (of the iron, papillote, maybe the t-shirt?) would curl best and on the outside, it would just come out straight. That was something I was most curious about when trying this method.


So, it came out like I thought it would, pretty curls at the bottom, the upper parts where straight.

Also, after half an hour when I got to my friend, the curls were dying already. Usually I need to use tons of hairspray to set the curls and keep them alive for a while. The hair is just.. too heavy πŸ˜›

Did you try this method before? What did you think?