Photoshoot ‘Red’

After your tremendous feedback on the preview, I could hardly wait to get the rest of the photos! I got all of them today and I am so, SO happy πŸ˜€

Photographer/retoucher: Wouter Oud

MUA/hair/model: Me!

Click for fullsize images! *I just discovered that this is no longer an option on WordPress? They keep changing things! Let me know if you’re able to enlarge photos by clicking on them*








For those of you that don’t know my blog yet: This is my very first photoshoot. The first one that is actually something.Β I did makeup on one shoot before (see portfolio) but this is my first time modelling. It was so cool!

So how did this happen?
I met Wouter a couple of weeks ago through other friends, and well, I talked about this blog and my passion for makeup, he looked at the blog and agreed on collaborating soon πŸ™‚

Around New Years he sent me a link to a photography competition and asked if I had any awesome ideas.
I did this makeup a yearΒ ago for the first time, it was very rough and it desperately needed a redo+normal photos instead of webcam photos, but I hadn’t really gotten to that point yet. Which is why I hadn’t even posted this on here.
This was the perfect oppertunity! I sent Wouter the webcam picture and he was happy, so, I sketched and changed a lot of things, actually, but, yes, the end result is very satisfying πŸ˜€

Wouter built up his gear in my living room and we were having a lot of fun shooting this. It’s very interesting to see all the different ways you can change a photo. Lights are so important. I also understand that with just my DSLR, I will not be able to create masterpieces like these photos on my own.
The good news is, next time I want to go paint myself on a weekend, I’ll call Wouter to see if he has time!


This is what my living room looked like

In short, I’m superhappy and this definitely calls for another shoot sometime soon. I would appreciate it if you could check out Wouter’s website and support him. Checking out the contest would also be pretty cool.
The most important part was having fun with it though. That is the purpose of the competition, to go Get your Gear out, go shoot, go have fun! And for that, I’m really grateful.

Thankyou for all your positive reactions πŸ™‚



Kicking off ‘The WILD’ series!

Today is a special day,Β There’s something about rainbows presents to you:

The WILD series

The first video of this series is my Zebra transformation, check it out now:

This transformation was done as a preparation for the anual firstyear introduction week (some of you might remember last years Pocahontas), which is something I have volunteered for every year since I went to grad school. The theme of the camp was Expedition Robinson, and I went for something a bit more dramatic then the Tarzan&Jane that would probably be done by everyone. I thought of the jungle and then the wild animals came to the table. I found this dress first, so my transformation became the Zebra. That means that if I’d found a dress with a leopard print first, I would’ve been a leopard.
I had decided by then, that I would love to do other animals as well, plus there are some looks that I’d love to do again, like the hand arts! And so it begins, my WILD series πŸ™‚




Sugar Skull

Welcome to my new followers!

It’s Halloween season and that means I had to do a sugar skull again. This time not from a tutorial or whatever, but one inspired by my two favorite MUA’s on earth. I saw that MadeULook did a fantastic version that covered her entire face in rhinestones. I loved it, but I wanted to give it a twist..Β Last year or something Klaire de Lys also did an awesome one with colourful flowers, which I wanted to recreate since I saw it.Β I decided to combine both of these looks and make my own version.


First, I drew the idea on paper:


Then I just went for it and drew the outlines with a white kayal pencil (Essence). I painted my face white with facepaint (Grimas), after that I did all of the black, I used my jumbo eyeliner and set it with black eyeshadow (Kryolan & BHcosmetics).

When that was done, I did the swirl design around the eyes with different eyeshadows (BHcosmetics). Then it was time to put on some rhinestones!

I started with the chin, using my large stones. Then I did the mouth, putting a heart shape in between the lines. After that I decided to not do the nose and did the eyes first. For the eyes, I was going to do all of the coloured lines with rhinestones, but when I was working I decided to do the ends only. This was because I had some trouble with my lash glue that I was using to glue the stones. Suppose I need a new lash glue, this one is getting old..Β (Kryolan lash glue)

I found my rhinestones at a cheap store called ‘Action’ in the Netherlands, I think this was a temporary product.Β 


I also lined my eyes with a black eyeshadow and applied some mascara. I did not use false lashes because of the glue problem..

Then I did my hair, I just grabbed a small strand from the top section and wrapped it around my fingers, then I pinned it down. I made two ‘rolls’ and pretended these were flowers.

And that’s it!


I absolutely loved doing this, just messing around with pretty colours and stones (: The rhinestones around my eyes were very tiny, so that was kind of hard to do with my fingers, cause I didn’t have any cotton buds around.

Now I’m going to write another post for you, which will be a nailart experiment, and I will try to finish my crochet gift today.

If you like this look, feel free to share it! If you’re going to do a skull, I’d love to see it (:



Say hi to my new pet

This is a handart bodypainting, inspired by Klaire de Lys and the wonderful Guido Daniele.

I did this a long time ago, before I started blogging. I have tons of other work of that period that I haven’t showed you guys yet, but since I haven’t had time yet to paint something new I figured I’d upload some old work. Plus, it’sΒ hot here, not really perfect circumstances to go and paint with waterbased paint…


Paint used: Bruynzeel Color Express face paint (waterbased)


This was a lot of fun to do, I’m definitely going to do handart again sometime!

Don’t forget to check out Guido Daniele, the artwork is just.. amazing (:



A recreation: Forrest Queen

Hey readers!

First I’d like to welcome my new followers! Thankyou for your support, I really appreciate it.

Second, the wedding makeup was done last Friday, so I will be doing a pictorial for that somewhere this week. I still have to find a picture of my cousin wearing it, because the one I took was terrible..

Yesterday I did a recreation of a look done by Nicole Chelelli, called ‘Forrest Queen’.


I was inspired by pictures that were featured on the facebook page of European Body Art. All credit goes to Nicole Chelilli, this was not my own design!


I freehanded the roots and branches with eyeliner, instead of using stencils. I did not use an airbrush system for I don’t have one. I used facepaint, eyeshadows and other regular makeup to recreate this look. Also, I did not kill my hair!! πŸ™‚


I can see now that I got the lipstick wrong, on photo’s this looks way more red than pink. Also, I should have brought the pink under my chin way further down, and dare to let it be brighter. I thought it was fine while looking in the mirror, but now I hardly see any red/pink there.

I am proud on the bones though, and I think my freehanded roots are pretty great πŸ™‚


I hope you like it!



Carnaval 2013

As promised, my late carnaval post!

I was inspired by these pictures, as you can see down below I went for the blue one (:



I did not add a costume or anything because I didn’t celebrate carnaval, so this is the finished look.

It was done in face paint, eyeshadows, lipstick from the BHcosmetics 66lipcolour palette, and then I added loose glitters and rhinestones.



The Terminator

At last, here’s the post I’ve been postphoning for weeeeeeks..

And please don’t ask me why, I don’t even know, I mean, I was so proud when I had this done!

One little disappointment was when I had like, 12497137894 pictures, most of them where blurred… -.-

Here’s what I did:

I put some latex in a small cup and used a sponge to create the first layers of latex on my skin. I put some on my arm and my hand (don’t forget to shave your arms first!) and some on my face (not near the eyes!) and neck. Then I used my fingers to build layers, because my sponge was ruined πŸ˜›


When the latex had dried completely I started pulling on it from the centre, creating a hole with some scissors. Then I just pulled the edges outwards and with a pair of small scissors I cut some out, so it started to look like ravelling skin. I did this on all latex parts. Do not cut your real skin!




Then I used myΒ Kryolan face paint in silverΒ on the inside, on my normal skin. With a black face paint I drew the outlines of some details that made me look like a robot. Then I mixed some silver with the black to create shadows and depth.


After that, I used my fake blood to make a messy bloody scene. Next time, I think I should use a dark eyeshadow underneath the blood as a basecoat, because my blood turned out pretty orange in the pictures.


I also did a dark very smokey eye with metallic colours, all by BHcosmetics. I wanted to make it look a little bruised as well, but that didn’t really work.

After taking pictures and scaring the hell out of my family I went into pain to get the latex off again πŸ˜› Seriously, I neeeeed to find a way to make this less painfull. Does anyone know if you should use some sort of product before applying latex? Cause that would be great πŸ˜€

Anyway, I’m proud. For a first time doing this sort of thing, I think it worked out pretty good πŸ™‚



Happy painting!