Bodypainting jam session

After exam stressed from two weeks​ ago, I was able to paint again last weekend. I loved it. I missed it. And the weird thing is, I always think about what I am going to do, I always plan my character, I always recreated something that I like from YouTube, but not this time. I just picked a palette and painted whatever came up. It felt really really good 😊

The Mehron Paradise paints Pastels palette was one I hadn’t used very often yet. I bought it in Klagenfurt​ in the summer and since then, I didn’t really do much that I love.. So I opened it, looked at the colours and picked 5 I wanted to use. 

I also did some details with a silver paint from DiamondFX. 

I did look for some inspiration and found it with Lana Chromium. I love her style and have been following her artwork online for a long ​time. Two weeks ago she posted about a silver armour bodypaint on Instagram and if you look closely, you can see that that’s what I started with. But after the first lines, I just continued on my own and it was so much fun ❤

Enjoy the photos and check out the video I made here!



Throwback time! Tiger handart

Welcome to the new followers! I want you to know that I appreciate every one of you!

Yesterday I found some things on my computer, and I realized I never posted this!

It’s a handart paint job, inspired by Klaire de Lys’ tutorial. She got the idea from Guido Daniele, who is an amazing handart painter.


This was done a long time ago, the saving date I have here is 28 August 2012… It must have been around the same time as I did the parrot handart.

For this paintjob I used waterbased facepaints from Bruynzeel.


I really like doing these handart paintings, I want to do some again soon.. Any suggestions/requests?



Say hi to my new pet

This is a handart bodypainting, inspired by Klaire de Lys and the wonderful Guido Daniele.

I did this a long time ago, before I started blogging. I have tons of other work of that period that I haven’t showed you guys yet, but since I haven’t had time yet to paint something new I figured I’d upload some old work. Plus, it’s hot here, not really perfect circumstances to go and paint with waterbased paint…


Paint used: Bruynzeel Color Express face paint (waterbased)


This was a lot of fun to do, I’m definitely going to do handart again sometime!

Don’t forget to check out Guido Daniele, the artwork is just.. amazing (: