The Pussy hat movement

About a week ago I decided to make myself a pussy hat. Some of you might know them, but for those of you wondering what I’m talking about, here’s the thing: 

It’s a crocheted hat with a rectangular shape, that’ll give the impression of cat ears when you put it on. And it’s very bright pink!

At the moment I feel like the world is being torn apart. Elections have caused uproar, and in my country elections will be held next month. I find the aftermath of the election in the US quite disturbing, and let me be clear! I do not agree with this person’s opinions and what he’s said, and I defy his actions. For people that have followed me for some time, you know that I am a supporter of the LGBT community. This is my continued support for equality, for human rights. I am siding with the sisters and brothers of the Women’s march, for all the reasons you could think of. 

I’m now creating pussy hats on request for people in my city, Groningen. If slowly but surely the city turns pink, I’ll be superhappy. This feels like an amazing good cause to give my free time to. It’s important that we will express our opinions and not be silenced. 

Together, we can create the world we want to live in. 



Winter mittens

Welcome to all the new followers!! I love every single one of you!

This weekend I finally finished my mittens. I started in January I think, but I had to take it easy on knitting/crocheting because my arms got overworked..
That really sucked, but in March I decided to slowly pick it up again. First just doing one row on an evening, then some more.. Eventually I finished the mittens!

As you can see, it has a beautiful Norwegian design with snowflakes.

All credit goes to Nicole, you can find the pattern here. I hope the creator reads this: I absolutely love the pattern, thankyou for sharing it with the world!






Hats collection part 2

Welcome to my new followers! I am ever so grateful (:

A while ago I knitted another hat, and yes, this is still the same red yarn as the other projects.. I just love this colour, still have several skeins left!


This pattern comes from a website I discovered a while ago, it’s full of free patterns and some of them are lovely! Look at this one! Think I just found my next project..

I’m very proud of this work, I think the stockinette parts look really good here. Still, the cables are not nearly as big as the ones on the pattern example, I keep thinking that maybe I read something wrong. As for the shape of the hat, I prefer slouchy beanies, but for a tight one this one’s ok.


Feel free to share the link of the website, I think it’s quite marvelous.

Apart from the first hat, I also crocheted another beanie. This is a pattern that I found trough pinterest (gotta love that site), so all credit goes to this lady (: Thankyou for uploading!


I made this one with again, the red yarn, and some white that you’ll see in the next project down below.

So, I also linked you to ‘the next project’ somewhere at the first hat, and that one is finished as we speak. It took me a while to just sit and take photos of the above, and now the scarf is finished as well so I uploaded all of them at once (: Makes sence? No, but it’s ok.


Bad selfie, I know, but the pointed end was so long I had to use a mirror. I’m looking into getting a normal tripod..

Also, I have to thank someone else (though I don’t know who exactly) for pinning my elven cloak on pinterest! It gets me tons of views, especially when it was Halloween and now with ‘the Hobbit’ coming out two weeks ago, so THANKYOU!



My hats collection!

Soooo, I did this little photoshoot with all the hats and beanies I’ve made since I started crocheting and knitting.. Oh and there’s also my other scarf that I made..

I started crocheting 2 years ago, towards the end of winter, and I started of with a hat that I found on youtube. Instead of going for a simple hat with one stitch, I just wanted to do something fun with holes and different stitches!

IMG_1015 IMG_00291

The second one was another hat from youtube, which kind of looks like a spiderweb. I really like it though. This is a black one. This channel is also the source of all other youtube references down below.

IMG_00201 IMG_10041

After that I did another in blue. I added a rose, though I want to get that off again because I don’t like it.


I also knitted my first hat, this was something that I posted about last year while I was just getting started on it. Find the pattern here. I love the pattern, although I’m not sure if I like how mine turned out.. I started on needles that were kind of small (sounds familiar, right?), so when I bought some bigger ones I transfered and things got better. Still, not sure.. Maybe I’ll make it again in a different colour..

2 1

And this one here is my favorite hat at the moment, I wear it all the time. It’s the same yarn as above, I also made my first scarf with it. I used a pattern that I found through pinterest (that is an amazing thing, you guys) and it consists out of bobble stitches, where you yo, insert in stitch, yo pull through and do that like, 3 times, before finishing off the stitch. It’s like an extended double crochet (US terms).


The scarf was done entirely in hdc (US terms), inserting only in the front or back of the stitch, not both. I don’t remember which it was, but that way you create these lines that look almost like a knit/purl, only it’s crocheted. This is yet another youtube pattern that I found.



So, while I was doing the shoot I was already working on a new hat, and while I’m creating this post I have finished that one plus another one.. And as you know, I have created a sweater now and the new sweater is also finished! In fact, I’m editing the video so it can go online soon 🙂