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I am too tired to write a lot about this right now.. Let’s say last night and earlier this morning, no wait, this day were very very awesome! Though at the moment I am cleaning up and I still need to fix my hair, so, yeah..
Everything has been documented, all your questions (HOW DID YOU DO THAT?) will be answered once I’ve edited the video!!!! But now I just want to sleep 😛

The makeup is not my own original design, credit goes to Madeyewlook, the amazing Lex ❤



Halloween giveaway!!!! Status: CLOSED

It’s time!!! I’m having a giveaway again!

I recently gained a 100 followers on WordPress, which is the host of this blog. The amazing part about having WordPress followers is that I do not know them in real life, except for one (hi Renas!).

So, for that I am super grateful and I think it’s very special that there are people who found my work on their own and decided to follow it, not as an act of kindness of friendship but simply for the things I share with you. Thankyou!

Besides that I know that I haven’t been able to post the real hardcore makeup things or any real projects lately. Ever since I started with the thesis and then with the moving out and new job stuff, I have avoided WordPress like the plague, because it would remind me of my guilt and how much I wanted to do all these things I love, but simply didn’t have time for. I did check up on my stats and what really surprised me is that some of you kept reading, kept visiting. Then I post one little update and BAM, new followers! So thankyou for still being here with me!


It is time to do something in return again. This time I’d like to give away a palette from Sleek. This is the iDivine Oh So Special palette. I know, this has little to do with Halloween, except for the time of the year. I got it a while ago because I knew this would happen, I just didn’t know when. No swatches, because hygiene! 🙂 It’s a very neutral palette, you can use it for all kinds of makeup, so I hope you like it. The Sleek iDivine palettes are definitely my favorite for daily use, and they have been for quite some time.


For this giveaway I’d like you to comment on this blog post how you found my blog and perhaps what you liked about it and made you follow it.
I’m also a little curious, what are you doing for Halloween this year? 🙂

For the non WordPress followers, don’t worry, you can leave a message without an account and your emailadress can be hidden except for me.

Giveaway opens: NOW

Giveaway ends: 2nd of November 2015 at noon, so 12.00 p.m. UCT+1

The winner will be chosen randomly using Randompicker, not based on answers. The winner, and only the winner, will receive an email. It will not be announced publicly. If the winner does not respond to the email within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Yes, it is international!! I hate it when other giveaways are US only, and I’m in Europe.

Go on and share the news!



Sleek review: iDivine Vintage Romance palette

Here’s the other palette I bought at Beau makeup stores in Groningen!
The weather today is… grey, unfortunately not the sunshine we had during my other review, though I think these photos give a good impression on what the Vintage Romance palette is about.


It’s a lovely palette with purple and golden shades. Almost all of them are shimmers, except for the one brown colour on the top right. The iDivine palettes seem to always include light and dark colours in the same palette, so you will always be able to mix and match with whatever you want to accomplish, whether it’s a neutral look or smokey eyes, this palette definitely has everything you need, no matter what your eye, hair or skin colour is.

The colours that really caught my attention were the lightest gold (top row, second on the left) and the brightest purple (lower row, third on the left), so that’s why I bought it. The bronze colours on the top row remind me of the bronze and gold colours I have in the Storm palette. I think this whole palette would really match with Storm.


Pigmentation is exactly what we expect from Sleek. It’s good, it’s pretty, it does what we want it to do, which is shine. Some colours are more shimmery than others, but you’ll be able to tell that from seeing the pans. It’s kind of obvious that there’s one matte, some soft shimmers and then some real shimmers. They do need a primer though, especially with hooded and folded eyelids, I discovered that this palette needs it more than the Sunset palette. I guess that’s what you get with shimmers.

What I love about this palette is that the ones that looked really dark are actually OK when I see them on my skin, but that didn’t mean they were not pigmented enough, which is surprising. Normally, I don’t go there, I don’t do dark smokey eyes and I avoid using black eyeshadows for daily, neutral looks. This black, as you can see, is not black black, but it has a grey-ish tint to it. That’s not very positive, I know, but hey, I’ve got Bulletproof for real harsh black, so I’m actually happy to have some softer darks. It’s good that that specific collection is expanding 🙂


Would I recommend this palette? Most definitely, yes. Enjoy!



Sleek review: iDivine Sunset palette

There’s this little cosmetics shop in Groningen called Beau, it’s not entirely new but I discovered it a few weeks ago. The best part, they sell brands like Sleek and the Balm!! ❤
For all of you fellow people in and around Groningen, it’s practically next to the UB!

So, obviously I bought new makeup during my first visit there last week. I got myself two new eyeshadow palettes, here’s my first review of Sunset, one that has been on my list since the discovery of Sleek altogether 🙂 (they didn’t sell them at Superdrug last year)


It’s hardly neccesary to explain: I love this palette. Look at the swatches. It’s just as good as my older palette, Storm. It has strong pigmentation, the colours are lovely, it’s cheap, no downsides, what else can I say?
One thing: you DO need a primer, especially when you have hooded lids or any kind of folded crease like me. The shimmery ones tend to get sticky and yuck in the crease, if you know what I mean… But I always use and recommend primer so that shouldn’t be an issue.




The look above is something that Sleek suggests on the back of the carton box. I really like it, you can go all out with the brights or keep it natural like this. My favorite so far: the bright orange! It’s the reason I bought this palette 🙂



Kicking off ‘The WILD’ series!

Today is a special day, There’s something about rainbows presents to you:

The WILD series

The first video of this series is my Zebra transformation, check it out now:

This transformation was done as a preparation for the anual firstyear introduction week (some of you might remember last years Pocahontas), which is something I have volunteered for every year since I went to grad school. The theme of the camp was Expedition Robinson, and I went for something a bit more dramatic then the Tarzan&Jane that would probably be done by everyone. I thought of the jungle and then the wild animals came to the table. I found this dress first, so my transformation became the Zebra. That means that if I’d found a dress with a leopard print first, I would’ve been a leopard.
I had decided by then, that I would love to do other animals as well, plus there are some looks that I’d love to do again, like the hand arts! And so it begins, my WILD series 🙂




100 Followers GIVE-AWAY! – CLOSED


Today we are going to celebrate the fact that I now have a 100 followers on this blog!!!!

I’m so grateful, as I told you many times, for all the people who continue to support my work and appreciate the art of Makeup. I love every single one of you.

To show my thanks, I will be giving away a product that I got for you at IMATS London last June. I knew this day would come, so I bought a lovely palette for you:



This is the NYX Cosmetics Glitter Cream palette, which has a lot of different colours. I tried to find this product online, but all I saw where smaller versions that are no longer available on the NYX website, so, I figured this would be special!

I have opened the palette, only to show it on camera, I have not swatched these because that would be unhygienic. I swatched one or two colours at IMATS though, and I can tell you this: the top layer of the product does not contain a lot of the ‘cream’, it’s mainly just loose glitter. The reviews I found say that you should rub a little harder/deeper to get to that creamy texture.
I’m pretty sure we all have some sort of purpose for loose glitter though 😉 Just look at these colours!



– Leave a comment on THIS post on my blog, something like ‘enter me’ would be sufficient.
– When you leave your comment, make sure you fill in a valid email adress so I can contact you
– Giveaway opens today : 8th of August 2014
– Ends: 1st of September 2014 at midnight

This means only comments on this website, theressomethingaboutrainbows.wordpress.com count, NOT on Facebook or Youtube!! You do not need a wordpress account, you can also just leave a comment, no worries. 

The winner will be chosen using RandomPicker and will receive an email at the 6th of September 2014. You’ll then have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. This will not be announced publicly.

I hope you’ll enter and don’t forget to tell your friends!



IMATS London 2014

IMATS was last weekend and it was amazing! I loved it!

For all the photos taken there I’d like to direct you to the Facebook page of this blog.


When I arrived there, I was lucky to be early! I got at Olympia around 8.00, and while the line was only 30 metres or so. The staff decided to scan our tickets already so we could go right inside once the doors were open.

I started with shopping, first stop: Sugarpill! Though it would have been a better choice to start with NYXcosmetics, because after a few hours the queue was really really long and I waited for about an hour…

I also got to meet my favorite artist in the world, Klaire de Lys. As most of you will know, she is the person that caused my love and passion for makeup art. If it weren’t for her videos, I’d never found out about the world of possibilities and artistic ways of makeup.

I learned that there are (obviously) more ways to do special effects, one that I didn’t know anything about is silicone. I was triggered by several companies that displayed their work, it was very interesting and definitely worth researching in the near future.

All in all this was a fantastic weekend and I got to do and buy all the things I planned, so this was a succes. I wouldn’t say I can’t wait to go again next year, because this is something I have to save a LOT of money for. I actually saved for over a year, trust me, it’s hard! Plus, I think I’m very satisfied for a while. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a few months and decide to go again, who knows!

Now, let’s go to the important chapter: my HAUL!


Item number 1: the Sugarpill pro palette!
This was on the top of the wish list, actually! I love it, can’t wait to try out all the colours.


Obviously I also got Bulletproof, as it’s not included in the palette.



I have some putty from Kryolan, but I wanted to give this a try, since I’ve never had any Ben Nye products.


These two soft brushes are from Royal&Langnickel, from their S.I.L.K. collection, as you can see these are the Pointed dome powder brush and the Contour shadow brush.


Some lovely Eldora lashes 🙂


Since Lex has been shouting at everyone that will listen that Mehron is amazing, I wanted to get the Paradise paints, so I did. I got Black, White and the 8 colour Tropical palette. It was a though choice! I wanted to get the pastels at the end of the day if my money allowed me, but it didn’t.


A new makeup bag! My little red pouch is too small, I think of it as my ‘basics’ bag, but truth be told: they’re not just basics anymore.. 


A brow set, from FAB brows. This was not on the list, at all. It just happened xD


I found Limecrime as well! Whoohoo!


And then there was NYX cosmetics.. There’s a dark red lipstick, a bright orange lipliner and the Jumbo pencils in Milk and Sparkle Leopard.


These OCC liptars are called Grandma and Kava kava.

I also got a wigcap, which is in the front of the ‘total’ photo.

And for those that actually read the entire novel I write, there’s another item that is not visible in the photographs, this is a surprise for YOU!
Believe it or not, I almost have a 100 followers total on this blog, and 3/4 of them are complete strangers to me. When we hit 100, and that might be soon, I want to thank you by giving out a present 🙂

One thing I didn’t get: the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I was hoping it would be somewhere, just like I found Limecrime, but it wasn’t. And I was too lazy on Sunday morning to go to the large/expensive warehouses on Oxford street, while I also had to pack and be gone before 11.00 and fly home 😉

Did you go to IMATS? Or did something else that was fun during the weekend?